Alan Ritchson Shows Off His Pre-Naked Scene Pump Up Workout Before Filming Reacher Season 3 |

Alan Ritchson Shows Off His Pre-Naked Scene Pump Up Workout Before Filming Reacher Season 3

Got a nude scene coming up? Alan Ritchson does. The actor shared a look at how he’s preparing in the gym to go in the buff for the upcoming season 3 of Reacher.

Ritchson has undergone a strict regimen for his role in the Amazon Prime show Reacher. Ritchson shared some of these tips with MH when we visited him at home, from consuming up to 4,000 calories a day, to his home workouts consisting of his beloved incline bench. The actor often showcases how he maintains “that beach body,” for his role on his social channels, giving his fans a behind the scenes look at how he attained his buff build and how he maintains it. In this short one minute clip, Ritchson demos the routine he took on just before he had to shoot a particularly steamy scene as Jack Reacher.

“I was squeezing this in before work,” Ritchson wrote in text overlaid on the footage. “Clothes had to come off so I wanted to hit the whole body.”=

Ritchson’s latest workout consists first of spending 16 minutes hiking up the stair machine, hitting a new PR. He then heads over to the cable machine machine and does four rounds of 25 reps of the cable fly. Without stopping, he pounds out four sets of 25 reps on of shoulder presses where he “threw in some Arnolds” into the mix. After that, he flipped the script to train his back muscles with another four sets of 25 reps of cable rows. At this point he shared with his followers “I’m pretty gassed at this point.” Ritchson ends his workout by shifting to lower body work, grinding through four round of 25 reps of leg presses and calf raises.

“Ran out of time for more (thank God),” he wrote after finishing the circuit.

No wonder Ritchson’s character Jack Reacher is ripped. According to his captions, this was all before a full day of filming. But the most important news for Reacher fans: There’s likely going to be a very naked, very jacked Jack Reacher hitting your TV screens in the near future.

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