MH Certified: A 2-in-1 Body and Face Wash That’s Good to Your Skin |

MH Certified: A 2-in-1 Body and Face Wash That’s Good to Your Skin

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TAKE A quick inventory of your shower. What bottle or bar do you use first thing in the morning, after exercise, and at the end of a long work day to clean, hydrate, and nourish your skin? If it’s some run-of-the-mill body wash you randomly grabbed off the shelf, it’s likely time for an upgrade. With everything your skin is confronted with daily, your hygiene regimen is not something to half-ass.

Many brands cater to guys’ grooming needs these days, but Dove’s Men+Care line truly excels at keeping skin healthy, hydrated, and smelling great. After giving it a tryout, I found Dove Men+Care Advanced Care Sensitive Calm Face + Body Cleanser to be the perfect addition to my shower caddy. Here’s why.

It Works Quickly to Hydrate Even the Driest Skin

I tested Dove Men+Care Advanced Care Sensitive Calm Face + Body Cleanser in late winter, when my skin was seriously dehydrated from the cold air and wind outside, as well as from HVAC systems blasting heat indoors, both at home and in the office. Working out in a sweaty gym wasn’t helping, either, leaving my hands dry and cracked from lifting barbells and dumbbells (especially when I used chalk). In other words, I was pretty much the best possible case study for a moisturizing wash.

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When I tried the formula, its natural aloe extract and 25 percent hydration balm helped my skin immediately feel nourished. Within days, the cracks on my fingers and around my knuckles started going away. I also used the cleanser outside the shower as a stand-alone face wash, where it provided satisfying moisture and relief on days when my skin was especially dried out from a close shave.

Advanced Care Sensitive Skin Calm Face & Body Wash

Dove Men+Care Advanced Care Sensitive Skin Calm Face & Body Wash

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It Makes You Smell Fresh But Manly

I’m picky when it comes to grooming products—I only go with those that deliver on both performance and scent. A heavy-duty moisturizer with a sterile, clinical smell? No, thanks. A low-grade product that gives off an overt musky or lumberjack vibe? Hard pass.

But here, once again, Dove Men+Care came through. The Sensitive Calm Face + Body Cleanser gives off a fresh masculine scent. Imagine a calm breeze coming off the palm trees and crystal-clear water of an island lagoon. That’s more or less what it smells like.

The Final Verdict

In every season, your skin takes a beating from natural and artificial environments alike. The dryness, the cracking, the sweating, the odor—you need an advanced-level body and face wash to combat them all. Dove Men+Care Advanced Care Sensitive Calm Face + Body Cleanser handles the entire job with ease, both in the shower for head-to-toe use and at the bathroom sink as a daily face wash.

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