MH Certified: Cariuma’s OCA Low Is the Only Everyday Fashion Sneakers You Need |

MH Certified: Cariuma’s OCA Low Is the Only Everyday Fashion Sneakers You Need


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GATHER ‘ROUND for a tale of love, self-discovery, and a pair of sneakers that has, well, reshaped my daily life. (Too dramatic? A bit. Deceitful? Absolutely not.) You see, as someone whose shoe collection has always been quite a doozy—retro sneakersloafersdress shoes, a few designer options here and there—it didn’t take long for me to find myself in dire need of some sneakers to wear as everyday casual shoes for going out and about, running errands, or whatever. Yet, stubborn as I had been, I refused to settle down for a pair of tacky walking shoes, and a good ole pair of Adidas Stan Smith or all-white Nike Air Force 1 was too ubiquitous for my liking. In short: I was on a struggle bus.

So for quite a few months, I lived my life without a pair of shoes of everyday style, comfort, and practicality—and trust me, it’s not a life you want to ever live. I yearned for a pair of sneakers that could inject daily utility but still some sartorial excitement into my wardrobe. Thankfully, the quest was ended soon enough when I stumbled upon sneakers by Cariuma in late September 2021—specifically its OCA Low styles. Looking back at my first time slipping into these affordable shoes almost two years later, I can now confidently say they’re a godsend revelation that has swept me off my feet—literally and figuratively.

 OCA Low Canvas

Cariuma OCA Low Canvas


  • Comfortable for walking and standing
  • Needs no break-in period—fits well right from the box
  • Insole has solid arch support—cushioned and springy
  • Available in a variety of color combos and 3 upper materials
  • Versatile as fashion and everyday sneakers
  • A lightweight build that’s durable and sustainable
  • Not made for workouts or exercises
  • Honestly… Too many great colorways to choose from!

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It’s Incredibly Comfortable


I had doubts about fashion sneakers before, mostly because the ones I owned were not walkable at all. But you’ve probably heard through word-of-mouth how comfortable Cariuma’s shoes are. That’s exactly how I first discovered the OCA Low Canvas sneakers. Now, having logged miles of concrete sidewalks in them, I shall testify that to say they’re comfortable would be like saying water is wet or the grass is green. I still remember feeling what can only be described as the equivalent of a “foot hug” when putting them on for the first time. The insole is made of soft memory foam to provide cushioning and arch support, so it molded to my feet right from the first wear. Being on your feet in them is basically like walking on a springy, plush surface, with responsive sensation at every step.

Another thing I noticed from the first wear was how well they fit. In fact, Cariuma’s OCA Low sneakers did not require breaking in at all. Not only is the upper stretchable and easy to slip into, but the overall build is also flexible enough to fit like a glove right from the box. The lightweight build will also make you feel liberated, as I’ve recently started wearing them sans socks. Really, if my feet could talk, they’re probably thanking me for wearing Cariuma’s sneakers right now.

But I must give a little disclaimer here: these are not workout shoes. I made the mistake of wearing them to lift weights in the gym once. Nothing disastrous happened, but the shock absorption and underfoot support simply weren’t enough for heavy exercises.

It’s a Classic Style That Just Works. Period

cariuma sneakersMAVERICK LI

The two pairs of Cariuma OCA Low sneakers that I own, one in sand canvas, and one in grey suede.

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Simply put, the style of these sneakers is effortless in a low-profile, old-school, skateboard kind of way—with a genius cap toe—that’s versatile enough for being dressed up or down. (And, fun fact: Cariuma’s OCA Low Canvas style in all-black is a favorite of Ashton Kutcher.) For me, these kicks have never looked out of place. I wear them as everyday shoes so I run errands or get groceries in them pretty much every weekend with only T-shirts and shorts on; sometimes I dress up for the bars or restaurants—and even danced a few times—in them; and for a smart casual office fit, they still look just as seamless as they are for strolling in the park or hanging out on the streets.

Hence, with that balance between casual and formal gotten in spades, I had to grab a new, different pair from Cariuma. The brand offers the OCA Low in canvassuede, and leather styles, each in a slew of colors so there’s a style for everyone. I opted for suede, which is also under $100 like the canvas for when I want to look more sophisticated, and both pairs have worked well with just about everything in my wardrobe. In short, there’s no room for styling mishaps with Cariuma’s OCA Low.

They’re Sustainable, Durable, Practical, and Affordable


If you had told me two years ago that the sneakers that I will now wear every day cost only $79 and are the epitome of sustainability, I’d probably thought you were crazy. Now that I’m all grown up, have experienced things like how Cariuma crafts high-quality sneakers from an ethical, fair-wage supply and production while pledging two trees to be planted for every pair of shoes sold, I’m all ears. From the natural rubber sole to the vegan foam to the recycled hardware to even carbon-neutral shipping, the ethos of Cariuma is as sustainable and responsible as a footwear brand can get so you can strut with a clean conscience. And since they’re fully stitched, the upper-to-sole construction is made to last—my pair of Cariuma OCA Low in canvas still performs like they’re brand-new after almost two years of usage.

To sum up, Cariuma’s sneakers are here to answer any prayer for the ultimate everyday support, versatility, and style. At this price point, it’s also hard not to get a few pairs in different styles. Indeed, these Cariuma kicks are not just shoes—they’re the pampering and the style statement for your deserving self.

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