MH Certified: Dockers Go Proves Khakis Are More Versatile Than You Think |

MH Certified: Dockers Go Proves Khakis Are More Versatile Than You Think

Welcome to MH Certified, where Men’s Health puts its stamp of approval on the best products you need to look, feel, and live better than ever before.

  • Dockers Signature Go Khakis are made with flexible, moisture-wicking features that excel on high-movement days.
  • Thanks to a cottonlike fabric, Dockers Go pants are much more versatile in styling than competing performance bottoms.
  • In a time when pant trends are all the rage, Dockers Go provides comfort-driven staples that will last in your wardrobe for years to come.

WE ARE LIVING in a time when men have more options for pant styles than ever before. Don’t believe me? Just look at the sheer number of trends happening right now in the menswear universe. There are cowboy-cut jeans, oversized chinos, tech’d out ankle-hugging joggers—the list goes on. And if you are ever curious how to style these pant trends, you can go over to TikTok and consume a steady diet of how-to guides for your pant pairings. Yes, we are definitely in a new era of how men wear pants.

Trends are fun, but they only last for a split second. What’s even worse is once the trend is over, the pants collect dust and take up space in the back of your closet. If you’re a guy who is just looking for pants you can trust that are versatile, well-fitting, and comfortable, I recommend the Dockers Go collection. It’s a new line of performance-level pants that combine timeless styling with a high level of function.

For the past two weeks, I’ve been rocking the Dockers Signature Go Khakis, and I’ve found the pants’ ample stretch, moisture-wicking, and security-pocket features to be a game changer when moving about on workdays and weekends in New York. Let me tell you more.

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Signature Go Khakis

Dockers Signature Go Khakis


  • Performance stretch blend that’s just right
  • High level of moisture-wicking
  • Unique hidden security pockets
  • Sturdier than a typical athleisure pant
  • Several colors available
  • Guys with big quads will likely want to pivot from Slim Fit to a Straight Fit or Slim Tapered Fit

They Do Performance Stretch the Right Way

dockers go reviewJOE LINGEMAN

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ASIDE FROM COMFORT, Dockers has a reputation for durability and strength. When I heard the Dockers Go line was made with performance stretch materials, I was curious how far the brand would go on what I call the “stretch spectrum.” I think a lot of brands are overdoing it on the flexibility in their pants (to the point that it feels like you’re wearing spandex). Surely Dockers wouldn’t go this far in their performance blend, would they?

To my surprise, the Dockers Go material is sturdier than the other performance stretch blends I’ve experienced. When it comes to wearing the Signature Go Khakis, I love how they still feel like a cotton pant in hand, yet the fabric is incredibly forgiving for tasks like commuting to work and hanging with friends at the park on the weekend.

Another aspect of the performance stretch material I love is that the fabric has a cotton look and texture. I found this makes it easier to match with my existing teespolos, and Oxford shirts, as I don’t have to rely on matching the Signature Go Khakis with shiny tech tees and athleisure apparel. (This is a common problem that arises when you buy performance pants but don’t yet have a wardrobe prepped with matching performance clothes.)


They Do Unexpected the Right Way

dockers go reviewJOE LINGEMAN

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A HUGE PART of making a function-forward pant is how well it responds to the unpredictable nature of what can happen in a day. When it comes to getting stuffed in a hot subway car full of commuters, my Dockers Go stay breathable. When it comes to going from the office directly to an after-work cocktail hour, my Dockers Go stay wrinkle-free.

In one specific overnight adventure to Washington, D.C., I found my Dockers Go versatile enough to wear on my three-hour train ride and then out for an entire day of exploring the National Mall with friends. The pants even made an appearance at dinner that night, but now taking on a more formal pairing with an Oxford shirt. The fact I could wear my Dockers Go comfortably for a majority of my impromptu trip freed up valuable space in my travel backpack.

They Do Pocket Space the Right Way

dockers go reviewJOE LINGEMAN

STREAMLINED POCKET SPACE is worked into all the Dockers Go pants. But what sets Dockers Go pocket space apart from that of other brands is the fact that Dockers incorporates secret security pockets. Not only do you have a small zippered compartment on the inside front pocket of the Dockers Signature Go Khakis, but you also have a compartment on the back hip that hides itself along the belt-loop line.

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I like to toss my apartment key and some cash in the hidden zippered compartment. In the secret pocket on the hip, I store my leather bifold wallet. This kind of smart storage not only wards off potential pickpockets and thieves, it also helps me keep better tabs on my belongings and provides a smarter use of storage for my valuables. Whether you’re wearing Dockers Go around town or on a vacation in a city far away, the security pockets are a huge underdog feature that provides peace of mind no matter where you step.

A Pant That’s Going to Stick Around

dockers go pants reviewJOE LINGEMAN

IN AN ERA when funky pant trends are dominating our attention, the Dockers Go line is a stylish and functional pant made to handle all types of environments. The comparison between trendy pants and Dockers Go reminds me of that line in The Sandlot, where the ghost of Babe Ruth is talking to Smalls in his dream: “Remember, kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends,” Ruth says. “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

Dockers Go are most definitely legend status in this great big world of pants we are living in.

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