MH Certified: Lululemon’s ABC Pants Are the Comfiest Way to Stay Classy |

MH Certified: Lululemon’s ABC Pants Are the Comfiest Way to Stay Classy

  • Lululemon’s ABC Pant has a stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabric that’s great for wearing all day (or multiple days in a row).
  • The no-brainer versatility afforded by the pant is worth the investment.
  • In a time when I’ve felt more casual and laid-back when it comes to fashion, the ABC Pant’s elevated style made me feel confident and more grown-up.

IN THE last few years, many people have come to the realization that pants are nothing but a social construct—kudos to joggers and sweatpants which have taken over the dress code for any occasion that chinos used to attend. The doctrine of “comfort first, style second” once spread like wildfire, and at first, I too jumped on the wagon to embrace my newfound freedom to choose pure comfort over typical office wear; an ensemble of T-shirtshorts, and dress sneakers was enough to make me feel comfortable—and feeling comfortable made me feel in control, and feeling in control allowed me to focus and get work done.

But as I settled into my new normal uniform, I felt a strange longing to conceal my hairy calves. My casual approach to WFH or hybrid-working fashion was starting to feel less like a personal statement and more, well, just kinda lazy. I had to mix things up, but wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. I needed something more professional than my ratty gym shorts, but it still had to be more casual than my go-to office chinos.

Initially, I doubted whether such unicorn slacks existed. Ultimately, I discovered my new favorite pair: Lululemon’s ABC Pant. When the pants were recommended to me by a colleague, I was skeptical. Doesn’t Lululemon make yoga pants? But it turns out they have a really sharp, functional-yet-classy menswear line; and after wearing the ABC Pant for weeks on end—to travel, commute, and work in—I’m now a Lululemon convert.

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ABC Classic-Fit Pant

Lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant


  • Anti-ball-crushing tech relieves tension from the crotch
  • Smooth, light fabric with amplified stretch and quick-drying
  • Your everyday chino style but upgraded with performance
  • So many colors to choose from
  • Available in various fits and styles
  • Expensive if you are on a tight budget
  • Too many colors to choose from!

They Move Like Joggers But Look Like Chinos

lululemon pantsJEFFREY WESTBROOK

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While trying out the pants (which I later ordered in both slim and classic fits) at my local Lululemon, I was struck by the fabric, which the brand bills as Warpstreme. It’s a stretchy, Japanese-loomed polyester blend that feels closer to Lululemon’s activewear roots. But when I put on the pants and looked at them in the mirror, I found the clean lines and overall fit had more in common with the chinos that were folded up and unworn for months in my closet.

From a comfort perspective, that fabric is a secret weapon. I spent a good amount of time sitting in my new makeshift home office but also would need to bend over to take dishes out of the dishwasher or stretch to vacuum behind the couch—not to mention walk to the actual office—and I never felt like the pants were riding up or getting creased. I didn’t wear a belt because I didn’t have to—the waist was roomy, but stayed fitted to my hips after full days of wearing and moving around. The pants also don’t wrinkle easily, which means if you wear them several days in a row (like I did) they’ll still look good. Plus, they’re machine-friendly, so care was super simple.

They Bring Performance Without Looking Conspicuous

lululemon pantsJEFFREY WESTBROOK

You know, it’s been nice to have pants that are relaxed enough to take me directly from work-from-home to leisure walks around the neighborhood, but also look appropriate for happy hours, Friday night hangs, and in-person office days. But not only do Lululemon’s ABC pants look the part, but they also feel just right. Last summer, I even roamed Central Park on sunny days in these pants, and the lightweight fabric’s sweat-wicking, and quick-drying perks never gave out once. This spring, I wore them as my default travel pants, and the four-way stretch came in clutch every time to help me move my thighs. Fun fact: ABC stands for “Anti-Ball-Crushing”, which I later found out is a gusset at the crotch and thigh areas that helps relieve tension while walking. I can now say, with confidence, that in this case there is truth in the advertised name.

Feel-Good Style Is a Real Thing

lululemon pantsJEFFREY WESTBROOK

In an era when it feels like there are so many more important things to occupy your brain than what you’re going to wear, the no-brainer versatility afforded by the ABC Pant easily takes care of my wardrobe rotation, which is why I’ve stocked up on quite a few pairs in different colors and fits. Though not ideal in a heatwave, these slacks are still breathable (and the fabric naturally feels crisp) as far as long pants go to make them work as summer pants and spring pants. I’d usually wear the Trench color to moonlight them as khaki pants, and wear the black or navy option to go with a blazer and dress shirt for a full suiting. Through and through, Lululemon’s ABC pants are what we active but still fashionable guys have always hoped to find in a pair of everyday slacks, enabling us to put comfort and style on the same pedestal—no comprising one or the other.

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