The 12 Best Apple Watch Bands for Men in 2024 |

The 12 Best Apple Watch Bands for Men in 2024

FOR YEARS now, Apple Watch bands have been the ultimate tool for showing flair and personalization on the world’s most advanced smartwatch (and fitness watch). In 2023, the best Apple Watch bands continue to evolve; not only because there are more exciting colors and patterns but also due to the fact new Apple Watch bands are being made with eco-friendly materials that are helping save the planet.

The editors and writers of Men’s Health have been testing Apple Watch bands as far back as 2015, when we reviewed the first Apple Watch. The Apple Watch bands often come down to look and feel, but there are also functional purposes considered for each band we select. The best Apple Watch bands we recommend thus combine style and functionality—all while existing at a respectable price point.


What Band Should I Get on My Apple Watch?

Apple Watch bands are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, colors, and styles. The band you should get comes down to what feels most comfortable for all the types of activities you plan on doing while wearing your watch. For everyday wear, a rubber or a nylon band might prove to feel the best for extended hours of wear. If you like to wear your Apple Watch out to dinner and with your casual outfits, then a leather band is definitely in the mix. For workouts, we’re big a proponent of rubber again, just because it is softer and won’t dig into your wrist like other bands can sometimes do.

We did our annual assessment of Apple Watch bands and found the latest and greatest models to buy in 2023. Keep scrolling to see our picks.

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Modern Band


Nomad Modern Band


  • Beautiful, vegetable-tanned Horween leather
  • Durable stainless steel lugs and buckle
  • Decent price
  • Fits almost every Apple Watch (old and new)
  • Nothing really

Nomad has developed a solid reputation (and our admiration) as a company that crafts excellent products and stands behind them. So, too, with the simply named Nomad Modern Band. The latest version fits almost every Apple Watch, old and new. As with many of the brand’s products, the minimalist design is both modern and timeless. The Horween leather is sourced from one of the country’s oldest tanneries and minimally treated, so it naturally develops a rich patina that only looks better over time.

At $80, it’s pricier than some other watch band models on this list. But, as with many Nomad-branded goods, you get what you pay for. This is a unique, beautifully designed Apple Watch band for men that stands out among a sea of lackluster third-party bands. The Horween Leather construction and stainless steel lugs and buckle give it a durable, rugged appearance that’s equally at home in the boardroom, at cocktail parties, and on the trail. An equally good-looking, “ordinary” leather version is available for $20 less if you’re minding your budget.

MaterialsVegetable-tanned Horween leather band; stainless steel hardware
Available sizes45mm/49mm, 40mm/41mm

Black Leather Strap for Apple Watch


Shinola Black Leather Strap for Apple Watch


  • Sewn in USA
  • Made from premium leather
  • Space grey clasp matches grey Apple Watch cases
  • Long lifespan
  • Great for casual and formal wear
  • Expensive

Cut from premium leather and sewn in the U.S., this leather strap exudes the same qualities one would find on any other Shinola watch. A space grey metal clasp is added to the band to match any space grey Apple Watch case. As for sizing, you can buy the Shinola strap in a 38mm/40mm and a 42mm/44mm.

The $150 tag on this strap is no small price, but if you’re looking for a black leather strap then the chances are you probably want to wear your Apple Watch in more casual—and even more formal— setting. This strap is similar to all the premium leather straps Shinola makes, so you’re going to feel the leather break-in over time and get more comfortable around your wrist as it shapes. You won’t see any stitching popping out and you certainly won’t see the leather fade or warp. This is one of the finest leather Apple Watch straps around, so if you’re looking for something sleek that will last a long time then this is your pick.

MaterialsPremium leather
Available Sizes38mm/40mm, 42mm/44mm

Sport Loop - Regular


Nike Sport Loop – Regular


  • Made from a strong nylon weave
  • Breathable and durable
  • Secure closure system
  • Several colors available
  • Strap can rub when it gets wet

The Nike Sport Loop is a breathable, lightweight band that’s easy to strap on thanks to its secure hook-and-loop fastener. Those who choose the Sport Loop are usually converts from the Nike Sport Band, as they’ve decided they enjoy the Nike Sport Loop’s nylon weave better than the rubber materials of the Nike Sport Band.

Is the Nike Sport Loop better than the Nike Sport Band? For us, it comes down to matter of preference. The Nike Sport Loop is great because it doesn’t trap sweat and get slippery like the Nike Sport Band does at times. The Nike Sport Loop, however, can get abrasive if it starts to rub when you’re sweating, and so some discomfort can occur if you find your band shifting and moving. But remember, lighter, breathable, and more secure is the motto for the Nike Sport Loop. It’s never a bad time to try one for yourself.

MaterialsNylon weave
Available Sizes41mm, 45mm

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Sport Band


Nike Sport Band


  • High-quality rubber is soft and durable
  • Waterproof construction
  • Pin-and-tuck closure for a cleaner fit
  • Various colors available
  • Official Apple product
  • Band can get slick when wet

The latest iteration of the Nike Sport Band is made of at least 32% recycled fluoroelastomer, a type of rubber that’s known for its extreme resistance. On the Nike Sport Band you will also see little flakes, which are actually bits of recycled fluoroelastomer from past Apple Watch bands (at least 66% of the flakes contain recycled fluoroelastomer). What this material blend does is create a more eco-friendly watch band while also still preserving the same feel the Nike Sport Band has had for years.

The pin-and-tuck closure system ensures a nice clean fit that’s secure enough to wear swimming, hiking, biking, or just working out. We also like that it’s available in a myriad of colors to match your personal style. Reiterating what we mentioned in our words on the Nike Sport Loop, the Nike Sport Band does have a tendency to trap sweat and get slippery during intense workouts. Apple and Nike have worked to make that less of a problem with this new band design by changing up the material blend of the band, but the nature of the rubber makes it hard to erase that issue completely. Nonetheless, the Sport Band is still an awesome Apple Watch band pick, and it’s probably the most versatile watch band in the way you can wear it through many different points throughout the day and not have to worry about any nagging discomfort.

MaterialsRecycled fluoroelastomer
Available Sizes41mm, 45mm

Scout Plus Watch Strap and Case for Apple Watch


Urban Armor Gear Scout Plus Watch Strap and Case for Apple Watch


  • Durable yet soft TPU material
  • Secure hardware
  • Cool rugged style
  • Several unique colors available
  • Strap includes watch case protection
  • Only available in 45mm Apple Watch models

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) has been a go-to favorite of ours here at Men’s Health for its dang-near-bulletproof iPhone cases, among other things. The brand’s Scout Plus Watch Strap is no different. Made with a soft-touch TPU rubber that’s tough as nails and lightweight, the band is made to handle all day wear and tear—all while staying comfortable on the wrist.

The one-body design helps create added protection around the case and ensure a more secure fit of the watch. The downside of this strap is it only sizes to 45mm Apple Watch case. The counterpoint to this downside is you can pivot to several other Urban Armor Gear Apple Watch bands similar to the Scout Plus strap. Take it hiking, biking, rock climbing, breakdancing—whatever you’re into—you’ll know your Apple Watch is safe.

MaterialsSoft-touch TPU
Available Sizes45mm

Modern Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band


Pitaka Modern Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band

Now 20% Off


  • Made from fine-weave 1K carbon fiber
  • Durable construction
  • Extremely lightweight at just 1.1 ounces
  • Sleek, minimalist aesthetic complements the Apple Watch
  • A little pricey
  • Adding/removing links can be a hassle
  • Shouldn’t be worn in saltwater

Carbon fiber is most often found in the world of automotive racing, but it’s made its way into just about every hard-sided household product you can imagine. That’s because it’s extremely durable, yet lightweight, making it perfect for, say, protecting your pricey tech gadgets. So, it’s no surprise that Pitaka chose carbon fiber as the material of choice for its aptly named Carbon Fiber Apple Watch Band. The incredibly rugged, 1.1-ounce construction is made even better with a sleek, modern, and minimalist aesthetic that looks great on any wrist. It’s the perfect complement to the premium good looks of the latest Apple Watch.

At almost $90, it’s pricey compared to most other Apple Watch Bands for men we’ve seen this year. But, it’s not surprising given the carbon fiber construction. On the downside are a few minor complaints. Many reviewers note that adding and removing links can be a hassle. Although, the required tool is provided and this is something that most buyers should only need to do once (until they nail down the size that fits them best). Pitaka also recommends not wearing it in saltwater, which could be a dealbreaker for some or a non-issue for others. It all depends on what you’re into.

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MaterialsFine-weave 1K carbon fiber
Available sizes38mm/40mm/41mm, 42mm/44mm/45mm

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Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch


Recoppa Sport Band Compatible with Apple Watch


  • Great price
  • Soft, durable silicone strap
  • Waterproof
  • Wide range of colors
  • 35,000 five-star Amazon reviews
  • Bland design

If durability and price matter to you more than flashy designer looks, Recoppa’s Sport Band for Apple Watch is hands-down the best value Apple Watch band for men. The waterproof silicone band is soft and comfortable for everyday wear or even intense workouts, plus it’s available in more than two dozen patterns and colorways to match any style. Durable metal hardware keeps it nice and secure, no matter what you’re getting into. It’s also available in a wide range of sizes to fit just about any wrist and any series Apple Watch, old and new.

With roughly 40,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s one of the best-rated Apple Watch bands on Amazon. Many reviewers argue that it’s stronger and more secure than Apple’s OEM watch band. It’s not as flashy or luxurious as any of the premium bands on this list. But at around $10, it’s hard to complain. You can easily buy a handful for the same price as one of the competition’s bands, and change out the band every day of the week, if you want.

MaterialsSilicone band with metal hardware
Available sizes38mm/40mm/41mm, 42mm/44mm/45mm 49mm

Watch Strap


Bellroy Watch Strap

Now 29% Off


  • Premium eco-tanned leather
  • Develops natural patina over time
  • Textured underside helps manage moisture
  • Available in 10 handsome colors
  • Good price
  • 3-year warranty
  • Nothing really

We’ve been fans of Bellroy’s wallets and laptop sleeves for years, largely due to their handsome, modern aesthetic. So, too, with the brand’s simply named Watch Strap. Like every product in Bellroy’s catalog, the sleek, curvy design of this Apple Watch band works well with any personal style. The eco-tanned leather band is available in a variety of colors and develops a rich, one-of-a-kind patina over time. Plus, the construction is bolstered with a durable polymer to ensure that it’s built to survive everyday wear, long days at the office, and more intense outdoor pursuits. A textured underside also provides better sweat and moisture management than 100% leather watchbands.

There’s little to dislike about this band. It’s well-priced and currently on sale for just under $50. Given the understated and sophisticated design, hybrid construction materials that add durability, moisture management capability, and available colorways, we think it’s easily the sleekest Apple Watch band this year. Plus, the three-year warranty is among the best of any band on the market.

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MaterialsEco-tanned leather and polymer
Available sizes38-41mm (Small), 42-49mm (Large)

Milanese Loop Graphite


Apple Milanese Loop Graphite


  • Luxurious, Italian-made design
  • Lightweight stainless steel mesh
  • Available in 45mm and 41mm
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Not meant for activity
  • Expensive

The Milanese Loop is a fan-favorite among Apple Watch users for its lightweight feel and sleek, put-together look. The band is Italian-made and woven together into a smooth, stainless steel mesh. The feeling is that of a fine dress watch, but less stuffy and more flexible and free.

The downside of the Milanese Loop is the cost, plus the fact you are a limited to wearing the band casually or with formal attire (no activity). Alas, the fact you get such a quality blend of comfort with a beautiful and unique design is worth investigating further.

MaterialsStainless steel mesh
Available Sizes41mm, 45mm

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Titanium Edition Apple Watch Band Black


Sandmarc Titanium Edition Apple Watch Band Black


  • Sleek design that compliment the Apple Watch case
  • Band weighs only 2-ounces
  • Made from strong grade 2 titanium
  • Expensive

There are a few good metal watch bands out there for Apple Watch, but the best one we’ve found in complementing the the sleek design of the Apple Watch case is the Titanium Watch Band from Sandmarc. It’s made with grade 2 titanium that’s strong and lightweight, making it a solid choice for formal wear and for outdoor adventuring.

The band itself only weighs two ounces, so you won’t have to worry about your wrist getting tired. Sandmarc also added a film to the titanium to help prevent scratching, so you won’t have to worry about it looking mangled after a few wears. You’re going to pay a high price for this band, but gosh does it look beautiful. You’d be hard-pressed to find a watch band with this level of strength in such a sharp look.

Available Sizes45mm

Retro Baby Stripes Apple Watch Band


Casetify Retro Baby Stripes Apple Watch Band


  • Tons of fun designs to choose from
  • Fits all types of Apple Watch models
  • Reasonable price point for the customization you get
  • Limited-edition designs sell out fast

Casetify has a long lineup of Apple Watch bands in all sorts of fun and exciting designs. They range from cool retro looks (like this band pictured above) to limited-edition bands from collaborations with TV shows like The Mandolorian and pop-music groups like BTS.

The price point of most of Casetify’s watch bands are fairly reasonable (about $50 on average). The only qualm we have though is the limited-edition bands sell out fast, which can be a bummer when there’s a collab we love.

MaterialPlastic, recycled plastic
Available Sizes38mm/40mm/41mm, 42mm/44mm/45mm

Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch


LifeProof Eco Friendly Band for Apple Watch


  • Great price point
  • Made with 99% ocean plastic yarn
  • Water-resistant material
  • Tons of colors available
  • Not ideal for all-day periods of wear due to potential discomfort

LifeProof has been making these eco-friendly bands through several Apple Watch iterations now. We love the simplicity of the design and the fact each band is made from 99% ocean plastic yarn—it’s the most eco-friendly watch band we’ve found.

This band comes in a bunch of cool colors to choose from and fits all Apple Watch models from the Series 3 and up. The water-resistant band has a simple buckle closure that fits tight on the wrist. You might have some discomfort wearing the band for extended hours at a time, but considering the materials used and the notion the watch is less than $20, it’s well worth an addition to any Apple Watch band collection.

MaterialRecycled ocean yarn plastic
Available Sizes38mm/40mm, 42mm/44mm

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What to Look for When Buying Apple Watch Bands

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Type of Use: Many Apple Watch bands can be used for different purposes, but some have specialty purposes. For example: if you’re looking for a water-resistant band, then the Life Proof Eco-Friendly Band or the Apple Sport band is a solid choice. If you’re looking for a hiking band, then the Urban Armor Gear Scout Plus Watch Strap and Case is a great pick. For business or wearing out on the town, something like the Sandmerc Titanium Band, the Apple Milanese Loop, or the Shinola Leather Strap is the way to go.

When to Buy Cheap: Sometimes buying a wallet-friendly Apple Watch band works, but there are usually sacrifices to be made when trying to save money—namely in the comfort category. Specific design notes, like the use of cheaper band materials, can scratch the skin and creates nagging rubbing and itching. Buying a cheaper watch band might be ok for wear in short periods of time, but if you’re wearing the band all day or wearing it for intense workouts you might find the sacrifice in comfort is not worth the money saved.

How to Find the Best Apple Watch Band for You


Compatibility: The original Apple Watch dates back to 2014, and Apple’s released a new model every year since. Thankfully, the dimensions have changed very little. You’ll still want to make sure that any Apple Watch band you find will fit your particular model. But, most bands are designed to fit a wide range of—if not all—Apple Watches.

Design and Construction: Like traditional watch bands, most Apple Watch bands (for men and women) are made from one of three materials: Silicone, nylon, or leather. Silicone is soft, durable, and waterproof, making it a great option for active wearers who plan to wear their Apple Watches everyday, including swimming and while working out. It’s also typically the most affordable material. High-strength nylon bands are similar to silicone as they’re also durable, waterproof, and usually comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere.

Leather, on the other hand, is by far the best looking material. The best leather Apple Watch bands are eco-tanned to develop a rich natural patina over time. They’re usually a good choice for casual wear—to the office, on dinner dates, etc.—but don’t typically hold up as well for more active pursuits.

Price: Except for the most luxurious bands, most Apple Watch bands are reasonably priced. How much you spend is entirely up to you. Just know that you can score a quality silicone band for as little as $10 or a decent nylon or leather alternative for less than $50. Even a handsome, designer leather band shouldn’t cost more than $100.

How We Selected

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Like all Apple accessories, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of Apple Watch bands on the market. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, so whatever your personal style, there’s a band out there for you. We compared dozens of top-selling models from Bellroy, Nomad, and Apple itself, noting everything from durability and design to comfort and price. The list above represents our honest picks for the best Apple Watch bands for men in 2023.

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