The 13 Best Adidas Shoes for Men, Tested by Fashion and Fitness Editors |

The 13 Best Adidas Shoes for Men, Tested by Fashion and Fitness Editors

EVERY MAN has probably owned a pair of Adidas shoes, that much we know. But we’re here to talk about why every guy should own a pair of Adidas shoes. Like Nike shoes and New Balance shoes, the best Adidas shoes are nothing short of iconic style, comfort, and performance.

While you might love Adidas for its running sneakers like the Ultraboost, or causal shoes like the Superstar, the German sportswear brand in fact has a storied history of producing footwear for the world’s greatest athletes, spanning way back to 1949. Some of the oldest Adidas styles like the Gazelle and Stan Smith were picked up by streetwear, and celebrity cultures in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Since then, the athlete-oriented brand has become a menswear essential.

Best Adidas Shoes


But the best Adidas shoes today aren’t just for killer style; the brand has been catering to athletes’ needs from the onset to churn out performance sneakers, from hiking, running to cycling. Hence, Adidas also has several patented innovations under its sleeves—like the Boost tech that provides cushioning and energy return—for making some of the best active footwear.

In summary, Adidas’s shoes are a tapestry of heritage, culture, style, and innovations. The best adidas shoes we’ve reviewed and curated below will show you just exactly how. From walking shoes to workout shoes, these are all the must-have Adidas styles.

What to Consider


As one of the biggest sportswear brands on the planet, Adidas makes a huge variety of shoes. You can find pretty much everything other than leather dress shoes and boots, including a massive assortment of sneakers. So knowing what purpose the shoe you’re buying was designed for will help you understand how and when to wear it.

For example, fashion sneakers are flat soled and can be worn with pretty much everything. Cross training shoes have flat soles with plenty of support that assist in keeping your balance. Running shoes are purpose built to move fast and stay comfortable doing it, but may not be ideal for lifting.


For the most part, Adidas uses leather, suede, nylon, and synthetic mesh for shoe uppers. Leather and suede provide versatile styling, typically working with everything from gym clothes to business casual attire. While leather can usually be wiped clean with a wet towel, suede is higher maintenance. Nylon was popular in old school athletic shoes that the brand still offers as casual sneakers. It is lightweight, breathable, and easy to clean. Most modern athletic sneakers have been upgraded with synthetic mesh uppers, which provides more breathability than nylon and is lighter weight.


Traction, cushioning, and support are the three key factors of any shoe sole. Most of the cushioning and support come from the midsole. Running and sport sneakers have thicker midsoles that are usually Eva foam or Adidas’s proprietary Boost material. EVA foam is more firm and supportive, while Boost—which is made from interlocking foam beads held in place by tiny netting—gives some spring in your step at the expense of stability.

Adidas uses rubber for the outsole on most footwear designs. This is the industry standard for reliable traction, but you should always check the texture of the rubber to see how strong the grip is. Pretty much all flat soled sneakers from the brand have a full rubber outsole that offer plenty of traction and stability, but less support than athletic shoes.

How We Selected

Our editors have put a number of Adidas shoes to the test on different occasions, such as wearing the Superstar to the office and during commutes, or Terrax Agravic Flow 2.0 to a weekend trip in the backcountry, or running in Central Park in the Ultraboost, or train in the gym with Powerlift 5. Then, we evaluated these various Adidas shoes based on their style, comfort, price point, performance, and versatility, then narrowed them down based on the best ones for each occasion.

Adizero Boston 12

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  • Balanced cushioning and feel
  • Energy return system
  • Relatively narrow

One of the best running shoes out there comes from a partnership between Adidas and the Boston Marathon. Highlights include the Lightstrike Pro midsole, which is a special blend of EVA foam that balances cushioning and road feel. We also like the Energyrods carbon system that creates a noticeable, but not significant, bounce in each step. “I found these shoes to be incredibly versatile,” says MH Senior editor Brett Williams, NASM. “They don’t do one specific thing perfectly, but do a decent job at everything.”

The shoe is made for both casual and dedicated runners who enjoy anything between short, intense runs and even-paced distances of up to ten miles. “The brand’s midsole technology is designed to improve support and stability through the foot without limiting movement, a promise I feel it delivers on,” says Williams.

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TypeRunning shoe
UpperSynthetic mesh
SoleFoam midsole, rubber outsole

Lite Racer Adapt 5.0 Shoes


  • Very affordbale
  • Lightweight
  • Not strong grip

No matter how far you’ve strolled, this sporty slip-on shoe will never tire out your feet. It’s built with Cloudfoam cushioning that can make you feel like walking on air, and a soft stretchy textile upper that fits like a glove. Inspired by runners, you can also wear it to the gym or do a light jog in it.

When it comes relaxed comfort, this sneaker is basically as easy as a house slipper. It is lightweight, slides on and off, and has a cushy feel. Best of all, you can wear it out and about.

TypeRunning-inspired lifestyle shoes
UpperSynthetic textile

Samba OG


  • Lightweight nylon upper
  • Easy to style
  • Does not wick away moisture well

Sambas have had a real moment in recent years, with the original white-on-black design seemingly everywhere. As one of the flagship models from the German titan, the OG soccer sneaker actually comes in a wide range of colors. For a refreshing change of pace, try this nylon version in a yellow-ish khaki color that matches with just about everything in your closet.

Styling aside, the Samba has been so popular for so long because it is a really comfortable sneaker. We revisited it when the trend first began, and the support and cushioning is remarkable for a flat soled shoe. Swapping out the leather upper for nylon increases the flex and breathability, which is welcome for summer wear.

TypeSoccer shoe

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  • Versatile style
  • Huge color variety
  • Not very breathable

Originally introduced in 1969 as a low-top basketball shoe to compete with Converse, the Superstar has now officially earned its plaque in the Footwear Walk of Fame—if there ever is one. Changing the style game of hip-hop, skateboarding, and overall streetwear sneakers since its debut, the Superstar just keeps getting better with more stylish colorways.

As a staple in fashion, we doubt this sneaker will ever be out of style. We’ve seen the “shell top,” as it’s come to be known, worn with everything from monochromatic track suits, to seersucker wedding suits. There are really no wrong answers when it comes to styling this.

TypeLifestyle shoe

SL 72 RS


  • Easy to style
  • Long lasting comfort
  • Suede is tricky to clean

First introduced in 1972 for track and field competitions, the SL 72 is a casual every-day shoe with retro style. While it is no longer ideal for running hurdles, the EVA midsole and heel support will keep us comfortable on our feet for hours. We felt plenty of flex and breathability in the suede and nylon upper.

Retro sneakers like this never go out of style because it pairs so well with casual clothing, like jeans, chinos, and shorts. Simple color blocking and rich textures, like nylon and suede, add a little flavor to a wide range of outfits. Whether you go with the flashy yellow or the low-key royal blue, the SL 72 will be your new go-to summer shoe.

TypeRetro running shoe
UpperSuede and nylon
SoleFoam midsole, rubber outsole

Copa Premiere


  • Quilted leather upper
  • Strong grip outsole
  • Narrow toe box

Adidas took one of the most popular soccer cleats ever made, the Copa Mundial, and redesigned the sole for skateboarding. Built from a tough quilted leather, the upper remains basically unchanged. All the updates live underneath, with a cushioned EVA midsole and natural rubber outsole that wraps around the front of the toe box.

You don’t have to be a skater to enjoy this sneaker. We found that the padded upper and supportive sole provide comfort that lasts all day. Traffic cone orange may appear to be a styling challenge, but we love the pop of color it provides to low-key summer outfits, like a navy linen button down and chino shorts, or jeans and a white tee.

TypeSkateboarding sneaker
SoleEVA foam midsole, rubber outsole

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Terrex Agravic Flow 2.0 Trail Running Shoes
Best Tested

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  • Continental rubber outsole tread
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Not great ankle support for a trail shoe

Tread into the great outdoors with Adidas’s award-winning trail running shoes. Really, this runner can take on all terrain conditions, on- or off-road, and the signature Lightstrike cushioning in the responsive midsole even provides energy return to keep you going. The rubber outsole with a mind-blowing grip can provide traction and buffer for even the bumpiest ride, wet or dry.

After taking this one for a spin on some mountain hikes, the standout feature is the sustained comfort. It wears and feels like a running shoe. The beefed up traction and durability held up, but more importantly, so did our feet.

TypeTrail runner
UperMesh upper with seamless overlays
SoleFoam midsole, rubber outsole

Gazelle Shoes


As one of the first retro sneakers (dating back to the ‘60s) that would later define the entire mania and even generations of sneakers, the Gazelle screams everything that’s recognizable about Adidas, namely the suede-meets-three-stripes design that the model pioneered.

Born as a pair of soccer shoes, the latest reiteration now feels extra ‘90s yet timeless-looking. Our favorite aspect of the Gazelle is how incredibly easy it is to style. This is your work horse sneaker that has you covered for any occasion.

TypeLifestyle/soccer shoe

Terrex Free Hiker 2 Gore-Tex-Hiking Shoe


  • Light weight sole
  • High ankle support
  • Easy to clean upper
  • Boost sole is hard to clean

This waterproof shoe has all the credentials you’ll need in a pair of solid hiking footwear. The fabric is armored with Gore-Tex to be windproof, and breathable—not to mention abrasion-resistant. Coupled with a rubber outsole that grips at every step of the way, no matter the road condition, you get a weather-be-damned design.

Comfort-wise, you have Adidas’s signature Boost cushioning that provides light energy return and a molded toe cap for a better fit. That bouncy step really paid off during our trail testing. One down side we noticed however, is that dirt gets stuck in the Boost material and doesn’t come out.

TypeHiking shoe

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Stan Smith Shoes

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Another Adidas shoe style that’s become synonymous with the brand is the Stan Smith. Birthed in 1963 as a pair of tennis shoes, it’s one of the very few Adidas sneakers that do not sport the iconic three-striped design. Instead, that motif is replaced by three rows of ventilation holes.

We suspect that the reason why the Stan Smith has been so popular is because of its top-notch comfort, a leather upper that easily molds to your feet, and a style that just works. With minimal branding, but tons of history, this best-selling Adidas shoe is as as iconic today as it was six decades ago, especially the white-and-green colorway.

TypeLifestyle shoe

Dropset 2 Training Shoes

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There’s no athletic shoe style more versatile than cross-training shoes—by definition, they’re shoes that can cater to different types of exercises. Adidas’s training shoes, in addition, bring comfort and support to a variety of training and workouts, with a stiff heel that keeps you surefooted during weightlifting.

“I loved the stability from the lower stack height and the breathability through the upper and ventilated break in the midsole was top-notch,” WH Fitness editor Talene Appleton, NASM, wrote in her testing. “With a low midsole and stiff heel, it feels super stable, keeping you grounded during those heavy lifts and dynamic landings.”

UpperTextile mesh
SoleDual density midsole with TPU sidewall

Trae Young 3

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  • Tight lacing
  • Firm outsole grip
  • Narrow toe box

The third edition of NBA star Trae Young’s signature shoes boasts a futuristic outsole design, but keeps your game grounded in a light rubber outsole and mid-ankle support. The side loop lacing creates a firm hold for even the quickest moves on the court.

Where these sleek basketball shoes really stood out for us was the fancy grip on the outsole. By copying the human fingerprint, the swirly texture never gave any slip.

TypeBasketball shoe
UpperTetile mesh

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Tech Response SL 3.0 Golf Shoes


  • Affordable price
  • Transitional outsole
  • Not a lot of support

“It felt like I was walking around in a pair of slippers,” says one tester. And we’re compelled to agree. This golf shoe features a breathable mesh (i.e., it also makes for a great summer shoe) and bouncy cushioning. Its spikeless design will keep you surefooted, and the grippy outsole is walking-friendly.

What’s great about this kind of rubber cleated outsole is that you can move seamlessly between the course and the clubhouse. There is no slip or “clack, clack” sound on hard surfaces. No need to lug around an extra pair of shoes.

TypeGolf shoe
commerce breaker

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