The 14 Best Men’s Slip-On Shoes, Tested by Style Experts |

The 14 Best Men’s Slip-On Shoes, Tested by Style Experts

WHEN IT COMES to footwear, slip-on shoes tick all the boxes. As the hallmark of easy dressing, the best slip-on shoes for men will offer convenience with their on-and-off design—no tying laces needed, no fingers involved. The best slip-on shoes for men should also be a stylish, versatile choice to suit various occasions—an office day, weekend getaway, or simply your everyday wear—and complement any outfit.

Besides looking for simplicity and versatility, the best slip-on shoes for men need to be comfortable to travel in, providing sole grip, arch support, and breathability in a lightweight form. All in all, as part of our easy-living motto, the best slip-on shoes for men should be where comfort, style, and functionality collide to give you a “ready, action!” sensation before you head out.


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To find the best men’s slip-on shoes, our style team has tested over 30 pairs, evaluating each based on their style, comfort, and versatility, to curate the 14 best slip-on shoes for men. Whether it’s loafersrunning shoes, or sneakers, these best slip-on shoes for men that Men’s Health tested make sure you’re only a slide away from your destination.

React Phantom Run Flyknit 2


Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2

$150 AT NIKE

  • Extra cushioning and added support for running and walking
  • Lightweight and breathable with a secure fit in the upper
  • Shock-absorbing midsole helps relieve stress and impact
  • Perfect for any athletic activities with great overall fit and comfort
  • Not for formal occasion
  • Can’t be dressed up and not that versatile when it comes to styling

This is just like a hands-free sneaker option, albeit one that’s meant for everyday running and jogging. With the laceless design plus added support, once we slipped these on, we thought the overall fit, comfort, as well as cushioning were very on point, and we loved how easily we could be on the move thanks to the traction of the outsole as well.

While walking in these shoes, for instance, we love that the upper adds extra secure support to make wearing them without socks comfortable as well. For light jogs or a run on the treadmill, the foamed midsole delivers cushioning to make our ride soft and responsive while minimizing stress and impact, which we also found to be very helpful for walking long distances.

In addition, we were able to exercise for hours in these shoes without having our feet getting clammy, thanks to the breathable upper and the lightweight build. The elastic upper also stayed on while securing our feet, something that helped us stay focused while training, walking, or running.

MaterialSynthetic leather and textile materials in upper, rubber sole

Breeze Slip-on Stretch Loafers


Bruno Marc Breeze Slip-on Stretch Loafers

Now 10% Off


  • Built with a stretchy knitted upper and soft inner lining for greater breathability and comfort
  • Insole provides decent arch support, while the outsole is impact-absorbing for comfort on the go
  • Lightweight that is super easy to slip on and off
  • Quality is great for the price and perfect for everyday wear
  • Not for sports or training
  • Not the best for dressing up

Known for its affordable yet high-quality dress shoes, Bruno Marc also makes great casual shoes. And its slip-on loafer is perhaps the easiest one to buy on Amazon. It’s infallible in every possible way. When we slipped into these shoes, we instantly noticed how stretchy and breathable the knit upper is, and after walking in them for hours, our feet remained dry, cool, and sweat-free, making them a great choice of summer shoes for your wardrobe.

These shoes are also by no means orthopedic, but we appreciate the soft insole that’s easy on our feet and does offer decent arch support. Coupled with their lightweight design that can be literally bent and folded, we found these shoes incredibly walking-friendly. The outsole also is a star, since it’s wear-resistant, flexible, and shock-absorbing to offer even more comfort on different surfaces. Yeah, all in all, it’s a design that just works for everyday wear.

Material85% Textile, 15% vegan leather upper, rubber sole

Restfeel Men's Slide


Lululemon Restfeel Men’s Slide


  • Great option for runners of all kinds
  • Modern design
  • Upper strap keeps your foot in place
  • Can’t wear for dressy occasions

The Restfeel Slide is designed with recovery mode in mind. It’s made with dual-density cushioning to relieve your feet post-run or on rest days. Another notable feature is the upper strap that’s lined with soft foam to keep your feet comfortable and in place. Rounding out its modern design is a heel-to-toe rubber, which is reliable for better grip, traction and protection.

MaterialDual-density cushioning, rubber outsole

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Lite Racer Adapt 5.0 Shoes


adidas Lite Racer Adapt 5.0 Shoes

Now 34% Off


  • Breathable, lightweight upper with soft lining to ensure comfort on the skin
  • Midsole provide cushioning, support, and shock absorption for walking and workouts
  • Athletic performance for running and training
  • Versatile for everyday wear as well
  • Not for formal occasions
  • Can’t be dressed up effectively

Remember those sock sneakers that you can easily slip in and out? These are like the sporty, more performance-minded take on those. Not only are these one of our favorite Adidas shoes for walking, everyday wear, light exercises, as well as commuting, but, as slip-on shoes, they’re also great for workouts. When wearing them as trainers to the gym, we were impressed by how their Cloudfoam cushioning offered constant support and shock absorption to make us feel like walking or standing on air.

We also found the soft, stretchy textile upper fitted like a glove and is extra breathable as well as lightweight, making them suitable for hot, sweaty days. The pull-on tab is also something we appreciate when we want some extra help sliding them on. The faces, we found, are really just for show, given the fit that Lite Racer Adapt 5.0 already comes in which is snug but not too tight.

MaterialTextile upper, synthetic outsole

Jungle Moc Wide Width


Merrell Jungle Moc Wide Width


  • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Water-resistant uppers
  • Breathable
  • Not the most stylish pair on the list

The Jungle Moc slip-on shoe has been a bestseller in Merrell’s catalog for over 20 years, which is a testament to the brand’s expertise in outdoor footwear. It’s designed for active guys who enjoy biking, hiking, and more. Our favorite part is that the shoe is incredibly made with a water-resistant yet breathable suede upper that can keep your feet dry and sweat-free.

We love how the cushioned EVA outsole provides stability and comfort to walk miles without feeling any wear and tear on our feet. Plus, it comes with stretch panels that make it easy to put it on and take off. While we didn’t particularly like the style for casual fits, we think it makes a perfect footwear option for any activity that involves a lot of walking. And the fit is great too; even with wide feet, we found that the construction will break in nicely to your shape.

Materialsuede upper, EVA midsole, Air Cushion

Dylan Clog


Crocs Dylan Clog


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Made with super durable and long-lasting full-grain leather
  • Backless design makes for easier slip on and off
  • Might have to size down if you a half-size

The Dylan Clog from Crocs is a far cry from your typical house shoes. This mule-style option is made with full-grain leather that is super durable and water-resistant, which will keep feet dry. In terms of comfort, the clogs also have deep heel cups to help stabilize your feet and align the body to minimize fatigue. Whether you want to dress them up or down, with chinos or denim, the amount of styling options are limitless. They’re super lightweight and don’t require any kind of break-in period. Not to mention, you can easily slide in and out of them since they’re backless.

MaterialFull-grain leather

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Cloud 5 [width:M]


On Cloud 5 [width:M]


  • Waterproof
  • Able to adjust lace-up for personal comfort
  • Might get dirty quicker than others on the list

If you want a slip-on shoe with the benefit of adjusting the lace-up, then check out On’s Cloud 5. Light in weight, but heavy on the performance, this pair is engineered for road running, city commutes and all-day traveling. In our testing, we found this pair beyond comfortable, thanks to the CloudTec cushioning that absorbs impact, reduces stress on the feet and offers optimal support. It also has a gusseted tongue and a waterproof exterior, which are perfect for protecting your feet from dirt, dust and rain.

MaterialCloudTec foam, antimicrobial mesh

Classic Slip-On Core Classics


Vans Classic Slip-On Core Classics


  • Padded collar and footbed for supreme comfort
  • Shock absorption
  • Under $100
  • Might not work for formal occasions

Vans is an iconic slip-on style that will never get old. Take this uber-popular checkerboard pair. It comes with a laceless silhouette that makes slipping on and off beyond easy. For supreme comfort, it also has shock absorption, which reduces the strain walking or running puts on your body. We love that it’s made with a thick rubber sole, making it comfortable enough for all-day standing and city commutes. Plus, its TK-style means you can wear it with many different casual outfits for the office or running errands.

Materialcanvas upper, gum rubber outsole

Wool Loungers


Allbirds Wool Loungers


  • Merino wool benefits: anti-odor, moisture-wicking, breathable
  • Can be worn in both cooler and warmer weather, even without socks
  • Foamed misole that feels bouncy to absorb impact while walking
  • Odor-resistant, moisture-wicking inner to ensure the shoes last as long as they can
  • Not for formal or sporty occasions
  • We recommend sizing up a half

Allbirds makes, hands down, the most comfortable slip-on shoes out there. You already know and love the runners, and these are a whole other level of feeling good and looking awesome. In our testing, we were first and foremost impressed by the Merino wool upper which is naturally anti-odor, moisture-wicking, breathable, and thermoregulating; that is all to say, in the winter, we wear these with socks—of course—but in the summer, we wear them without socks, since the inside is made to be itch-free, and they feel cozy like slippers.

Our favorite part about these shoes is how great they are for walking and everyday wear because of the midsole, which is made of foam to contour our feet and feel bouncy to absorb impact at each soft. Thus, we absolutely love how soft each of our landings feels as well. The insole is also odor-resistant and moisture-wicking so our feet will stay cool and dry.

MaterialZQ Merino wool upper, SweetFoam® midsole, rubber outsole

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American Classics Penny Loafer


Cole Haan American Classics Penny Loafer


  • Comfortable and stylish enough for the office
  • Stability and traction for walking
  • Leather upper is not breathable

In the past decade, Cole Haan has been churning out dressy shoes that are as comfortable as sneakers, and its updated penny loafers are no exception. Its sleek silhouette has classic toe and heel rubber taps that provide stability when you walk, and its lightweight EVA midsole means you can stand all day in them with no issues.

MaterialLeather upper, rubber outsole

RX MOC 3.0 Unisex Sportstyle Shoes


Salomon RX MOC 3.0 Unisex Sportstyle Shoes


  • Upper is made with breathable, stretch mesh material
  • Helps with recovery mode
  • Fabric won’t chafe, scratch or rub
  • Not the most waterproof

Salomon, the purveyor of some of our favorite running shoes, also makes a mean men’s slip-on shoe for recovery. The fabric upper is made with breathable, stretch mesh across the top, making your foot feel comfortable at all times. We love that it won’t chafe or scratch, since the silhouette doesn’t have any seams. The highlight is the oversized EVA midsole, which provides soft cushioning as you take the load off.

Materialoversized EVA midsole

The City Slip On Sneaker


Rothy’s The City Slip On Sneaker

Now 58% Off


  • Breathable upper with stretchy side gores for easy slipping and no breaking in
  • Contoured insoles and padding ensure comfort while walking
  • Versatile style that’s casual but also elevated for being dressed up and down
  • Not for athletic activities
  • No arch support or shock absorption needed for long distances

With an easy, clean look that works with the rest of your outfit, this versatile slip-on sneaker fulfills all your casual footwear needs at the right price. Not only do we love how easy it is to slide our feet on and off these shoes because of the stretchy side cores, but we also love how its padded collar ensures comfort even when we wore these without socks. Although these felt great to walk in thanks to the contoured insoles as well as the padding on the heel that didn’t make us feel like we were walking on planks, we don’t recommend it for walking long distances because, after all, they’re not made with stress-relieving arch support or shock-absorbing midsole.

We also very much approve of its flexible upper that’s knitted to require no breaking-in. In fact, I was able to get a perfect fit at my first time slipping into these shoes. And the fit was flexible, meaning when I walk or bend my feet, the shoes will also move with me. More importantly, they’re 100% washable, a fact we came to appreciate more the more we wore these slip-on shoes.

Lastly, we definitely love its style as well: casual enough to wear with sweats and a tee, and nice enough to wear with a pair of jeans and a polo.

MaterialUppers knit from single-use plastic, insole, and rubber outsole

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Striper II Slip On Sneaker


Sperry Striper II Slip On Sneaker


  • Versatile in styling with long lifespan
  • Easy on and off
  • Preppy-looking

Sperry is a classic when it comes to warm-weather shoes, and these are no exception with a completely laceless design that makes on and off easier. Plus, you can never have too many white (or gray) sneakers and that is just a fact.

MaterialTwill upper and robber sole



Astorflex Patnoflex


  • Easy, effortless, classic style in a lightweight form
  • Flexible to wear and comfortable to walk in
  • Leather lining and ergonomic footbed that offers support ensure all-day comfort
  • Break in nicely without losing shape or form
  • Not for athletic occasions

“Handmade with environmentally responsible construction in Italy by 6th-generation shoemakers, they are a simple slip-on with a super soft feel which makes them highly wearable,” says personal stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little regarding the Patnoflex, which is arguably the best slip-on shoes money can buy? Sure, we can’t exercise in them, but given their timeless style tried and tested by anyone from James Dean to Elvis, as well as lightweight comfort meant for being on the go, there’s not much else you can fault it for.

In our testing, we found that it’s really flexible enough to be folded in half and can be worn without socks while still feeling buttery soft on our feet on the inside. We also love how it has a simple, elegant design that feels a tad more casual while still delivering plenty of style points. “For a more modern take on a loafer, I love the Astorflex Patnoflex Loafer with its streamlined details and unfussy energy,” says Gisondi-Little. “It is the perfect stand-in for a dress sneaker that both elevates casual looks and perfectly compliments business casual.”

In our experience of wearing these to travel, we found that the leather lining and ergonomic footbed that offers support managed to keep any discomfort at bay while being on our feet all day in them, standing or walking.

MaterialsLeather upper, rubber sole

How to Choose the Best Men’s Slip-on Shoes for You


Look for slip-on shoes that offer ample cushioning, especially in the insole and heel area. This will help absorb shock when you walk (especially for extended duration and distances). And don’t forget arch support, which is crucial for maintaining proper foot alignment while preventing discomfort or pain on the go. Slip-on shoes with built-in arch support in the midsole are highly recommended.

Also, make sure your slip-on shoes have a snug fit that securely hugs your feet without being too tight or too loose. Ideally, you should be able to slide in your foot without using your hands. But if the fit is too loose, that’ll lead to friction on the heel which will cause blisters and take away stability when you walk. Adjustable features like elastic panels or adjustable straps can help customize the fit for wearing socks versus socks.

Otherwise, consider factors like padding, flexibility, and the overall construction of the shoe to ensure maximum comfort.

The best slip-on shoes for men often come with breathable uppers made of materials like canvas, mesh, and textile fabric that allow air to flow in, keeping your feet cool and dry. Materials that are quick-drying and moisture-wicking are also a godsend for sweaty feet in hot climates. But if you’re looking for slip-on shoes to dress up with, then leather or suede upper is a no-brainer.

Also, pay attention to the outsole. Though most slip-on shoes have a rubber outsole, be sure to select one that’s lightweight and flexible, allowing natural movement of your feet. If you’re wearing your slip-on shoes to run or pursue outdoor activities, be sure the outsole has enough traction as well.

Overall, the construction of slip-on shoes should come with reinforced stitching and durable materials so that they’ll last.

Style and Versatility:
While you should always consider your intended activities and choose slip-on shoes that suit your lifestyle, we recommend going for slip-on shoes that can be dressed up or down, and are suitable for various occasions, allowing you to seamlessly transition from casual to formal settings. For instance, Adidas’ Lite Racer Adapt 5.0 and Nike’s React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 are both great athletic shoes that can be worn as walking shoes or for everyday wear. Rothy’s The City Slip On is versatile for both running errands and casual outings. Astorflex’s Patnoflex can easily be dressed up for formal events, or dressed down for semi-formal occasions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are slip-on shoes suitable for formal events or professional settings?

While slip-on shoes lean towards casual, some styles are and look appropriate for dressing up. These slip-on shoes have a more polished appearance, are made from high-quality leather, and feature minimal detailing. Classic leather slip-on shoes like loafers, for instance, can be dressed up for formal events or work settings. Depending on the dress codes, you can pair them with formal attire, like suits or dress pants.

Are slip-on shoes good for walking?

Casual or athletic slip-on shoes are great for everyday wear and outings. Some slip-on shoes even offer a performance-oriented design, such as adequate cushioning and arch support to absorb shock and provide stability at each step, making them great pairs of walking shoes by reducing the impact on feet and joints. Additionally, some slip-on shoes have a good grip on the outsole for maintaining traction and preventing slips or falls. However, we generally don’t recommend slip-on shoes for walking long distances or hiking.

How We Selected

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To find the best slip-on shoes for men, our editors and writers have personally tried on 30 pairs since 2021, and tested each of them for at least two weeks, such as attending casual weekend hang-outs in Astorflex’s Patnoflex loafer, going to the gym or out for a run in Adidas’ Lite Race Adapter 5.0, running errands in Allbirds’ Wool Loungers, attending a formal event or an office work day in Cole Haan’s penny loafers.

To get a feel for how the shoes really felt and how they held up, we vetted our tested slip-on shoes by taking notes of their style, comfort, price point, versatility, and performance such as cushioning, traction, and breathability. We examined whether their fit needed breaking in, whether they provided arch support or shock absorption, whether they were true to size, and whether they could be worn for more than one occasion.

In addition, our tested selection focuses not on trendy or trend-chasing slip-on shoes; instead, our picks of the best slip-on shoes for men all fit great athletic, outdoorsy guys, provide great value and performance at reasonable price points, and come in styles that will look great years from now.

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Why Trust Us

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At Men’s Health, our testing editors and writers always make sure to actually test and use the products ourselves before considering whether to include them. Therefore, rest assured that our product recommendations derive from first-hand experience, and you can read more about our testing process here.

In addition, we have a whole fashion closet in our NYC office dedicated to calling in, trying out, and selecting the best and newest menswear products. We put them on stylish, fit guys to hear their opinions and see how the items look on them before making our final decision. And as style editors, we constantly go into the fashion closet to feel a product’s materials—even put it on ourselves for a spin—to test it.

Lastly, you can trust our opinions on shopping recommendations, whether it’s the products, styling tips, or trends. Not only do we have Fashion Director Ted Stafford and Deputy Editor, Commerce Christian Gollyan, but we also have a panel of style experts—including stylists, fashion influencers, designers, etc.—whom we regularly seek shopping guides from. Therefore, our product recommendations and buying tips are all driven by professional, expert opinions.

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