The 15 Best Summer Shoes for Men in 2024, Tested by Style Editors |

The 15 Best Summer Shoes for Men in 2024, Tested by Style Editors

WARM WEATHER IS around the bend, which calls for a new lineup of summer shoes. In fact, the best summer shoes for men are the MVP of our hot day fits, no matter if you’re in casual shorts or dressier chinos. And we’re not just talking about Birkenstocks, slip-on shoes, flip-flops, or—god forbid—Crocs. Summer shoes for men can span just about every style and occasion. That is why we’ve tested dozens of dress shoessneakers, and everything in between to curate the 22 footwear options you can wear anywhere.

Best Summer Shoes for Men


Thinking of hitting the beach? You’ll need a good pair of water-friendly sandals. Running around town from meeting to meeting in the sizzling heat? A pair of rugged boat shoes or loafers can keep your nine-to-five look fresh. If you’re a homebody, a cool pair of mules or slides are easy to slip on, but are stylish enough to wear for last-minute errands. And if you’re prepping for summer vacation fits already, breathable shoes like espadrilles are essential to beat the heat with cool style.

What to Consider


Dressing for the summer heat is just as important for your feet. The best shoes will let your piggies breathe and won’t hold on to perspiration. Look for fabrics and designs that maximize air flow over your foot. For sneakers, there are wider knit materials and vents. With leather shoes, like loafers and boots, avoid tight laces or anything that goes too far up the ankle. Leather handles moisture naturally, but you want an open ankle or even a fully open back, like with a mule or slipper, to let your foot breathe.


Some shoes don’t work with shorts, while others don’t work with pants. You’re going to want to wear both throughout the summer, so make sure you know what bottoms look best with whatever footwear you choose. For example, leather slip-on shoes, like loafers and mules, work well with shorts and pants. However, leather boots are best worn with pants.

Water Resistance

When it gets hot out, nothing feels better than a cool body of water. That’s why you need a pair of shoes that can handle moisture, whether that means a pool, lake, or ocean. Not every summer shoe you own needs to be splash repellent. In fact, some of the best summer shoes for formal and social occasions should avoid all liquids, but it is best to have an option or two ready to go.

As a rule, leather and suede should be kept as dry as possible. Most sneakers can handle some water, while others are specifically designed to get wet. A standard canvas sneaker may take a while to dry, but it can get soaked without causing any damage. If you’re headed to the beach, lake, or pool, a sandal or flip-flop is usually the best choice.

How We Selected

To curate the best summer shoes for men, our editors and writers have personally tried on and tested a variety of styles and brands. Some of the more popular options, like the Birkenstock Arizona and the Vans Authentic, have gotten years to testing from multiple contributors. Newer brands like Astorflex and Rothy’s underwent weeks, or even months, of consistent wear to get an accurate assessment.

To get a feel for how these summer shoes for men really felt and how they held up, we vetted our options by taking notes of their fit, comfort, materials, construction, price point, versatility, and overall comfort such as support, cushioning, and breathability. We examined whether they fitted well and true to size, whether their footbed or soles could withstand hours of movement, and whether they could be worn for more than one occasion. Ahead, read on for our list of the best men’s summer shoes to buy right now.

The RS01 Sneaker


Rothy’s The RS01 Sneaker


  • Seventeen color options
  • Contoured foam footbed
  • Flexible outsole
  • Takes a while to dry
  • Expensive for sneakers

If you’re looking for the perfect summer sneaker that’s durable, sustainable, breathable, and insanely comfortable, look no further than Rothy’s washable RS01. Worn by Pedro Pascal himself when he was out and about, its knit construction is perfect for flexing the no-show sock look this summer without a break-in period.

After testing these sneakers for a few weeks, they’ve completely dominated our summer shoe rotation. Sweat and over heating was never a problem, thanks to the loose knit upper and below-ankle profile. (Tip: if you’ve got wide feet, size up.)

Read more: Rothy’s RS01 Sneaker Review

BreathabilityLoose knit fabric upper
Works withShorts, jeans, chinos, athletic
Water resistanceSplashes, spills, rain

Water Coast


Reef Water Coast


  • Vented panels
  • Elastic laces
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Very casual style
  • Sand can get stuck in the toe

Whether it’s for an island cruise, a long walk on the beach, or a weekend boat ride, Water Coast is ready for all the splashes. Made with soft, bouncy cushion and a breathable, perforated upper, these waterproof shoes are purpose built for water adventures, So don’t bother wearing socks in these.

This moc toe slip on gives the look of a boat shoe while providing the functionality of a sandal. It easily transitions between poolside to a night out on the town.

BreathabilityPerforated toe, side, and heel panels
Works withShorts, swim trunks, jeans, chinos
Wate resistanceFully waterproof

Patnoflex Travel


Astorflex Patnoflex Travel


  • Super flexible sole
  • Grippy heel
  • Versatile style
  • Weak arch support
  • Unlined

Summer always calls for a great pair of loafers, and this slip-on style is built for traveling and casual fits. Astorflex updates its marquee shoe for cross-country flights by making it flexible enough to be folded over. It also has a slimmed-down rubber heel, making it even lighter and more portable.

This bad boy was custom built for single bag travel. Whether you’re headed to a destination wedding or exploring an exotic destination, this single shoe has you covered for pretty much every scenario.

BreathabilitySingle layer leather, low profile
Works withFormalwear, jeans, chinos, shorts
Water resistanceNone

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Vans Authentic


  • Wide range of colors
  • Strong grip outsole
  • Works great without socks
  • Canvas tends to fade with time
  • Tongue can slouch down

Deck shoes are the perfect type of canvas sneaker for summer. The low profile and light build keep your feet cool in the heat. Plenty of options are out there, but the Vans Authentic comes with a wide and everchanging range of color options. As a favorite of multiple writers and editors here, we can vouch for the comfort and durability.

An easy styling tip for a deck shoe like this,

Style tip: Lace the slit top loosely enough to slide your foot in and out of. Leave the top eyelets open, tie a knot with a little slack in the lace, and it becomes even easier to wear.

BreatabilityLight canvas upper, low profile
Works withShorts, jeans, chinos, swim trunks
Water resistanceRain, splash, spills, wet feet

Loyak Water Shoes


Astral Loyak Water Shoes


  • Very light weight
  • Vented top pannel
  • Contoured footbed
  • Weak arch and heel support

Simple and budget-friendly, these kicks are made with a flexible, breathable mesh upper that dries quickly, as well as a balanced footbed that’s easy to stand hours in. Rock it as a casual walking around shoe, or head to the nearest body of water.

It’s one of the best water shoes for snorkeling—at a reasonable price point. And while they’re made for kayaking, traveling, sailing—or any water activities—hanging around town in them also feels and looks just right.

BreathabilityLoose knit fabric, side vents, low profile
Works withAthletic apparel, swim trunks, shorts
Wate resistanceCan be fully submerged, dries quickly

Huarache Sandals


Nisolo Huarache Sandals

Now 20% Off


  • Foam midsole
  • Versitile style
  • Good traction
  • No ankle support
  • Can be snug on wide feet

Bound for your summer vacation, the huarache is a traditional Mexican sandal with a woven upper that is breathable, flexible, and durable. Nisolo’s take stay trues to the classic slip-on design but makes the style versatile enough to be dressed up or down, for poolside lounging, or five-star resort dinners.

Nisolo upgraded the standard issue leather sole with a cushy foam and a full rubber outsole, making it one of the most comfortable sandals we’ve tried. It makes for an easy every day go-to summer shoe.

BreathabilityWoven leather, open sides
Works withShorts, swim trunks, chinos, jeans, semi-formal
Water resistanceSplashes, rain, wet feet

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Terra Mule


Luca Terra Mule


  • Grippy crepe outsole
  • Padded footbed
  • Water resistant
  • Foot can slip out when walking
  • Crepe soles get very dirty

Huckberry brought the Portuguese shoemaker Luca stateside with a line of leather footwear. Hands down, the best summer option of the bunch is the Terra Mule. This simple-but-elegant slip-on works for pretty much any social occasion. With a padded footbed, squishy crepe outsole, and lined upper, you’ll want to wear it every day.

The great part about a mule is how breathable it is. We found that our dogs didn’t sweat as much in this shoe compared to other mules. Though we did find that the crepe sole can attract stains easily, so don’t wear this when it’s rainy out.

BreathabilityOpen back
Works withShorts, swim trunks, jeans, chinos, semi-formal
Water resistanceSplash, rain, wet feet



Koio Ostuni

$225 AT KOIO

  • Drop down collar
  • Strong grip outsole
  • Soft suede
  • Must avoid liquids
  • Weak arch support

From the beach to the bar, these neutral espadrilles are a smart alternative to basic, boring flip-flops. With a convertible collar that easily turns them into a pair of slip-ons, they’re a breathable, wearable option for all types of hot fits.

Apart from the woven rope midsole, this espadrille passes for a fancy pair of suede loafers. That means you can ratchet up the formality level to full grade suiting. This is an excellent option for summer weddings, especially if there is a beach involved.

BreathabilityOpen sides, optional open back
Works withShorts, jeans, chinos, semi-formal, suiting
Water resistanceNone

ORA Recovery Slide 3


Hoka ORA Recovery Slide 3


  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Vented strap
  • Strong traction
  • No wide fit
  • Footbed traps sweat

This Men’s Health 2021 Fitness Awards winner allows those barking dogs to recover a after rigorous workouts, thanks to its oversized midsole. That max cushioning also just feels good when you’re lounging around, making this a great house shoe. Either way, the three layer sole design offers a perfect balance of cushioning and support.

A big bonus for this Hoka slide is the enormous selection of colors available. There are over twenty-five offered at any given time, so no matter what wardrobe looks like, you can find the perfect shade just for you.

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BreathabilityVented strap
Works withShorts, swim trunks, athletic apparel
Wate resistanceWaterproof

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Chuck 70 High Top Parchment


Converse Chuck 70 High Top Parchment


  • Durable materials
  • Easy to style
  • Easy to clean
  • Tongue can sag
  • Heavy for a canvas sneaker

When it comes to choosing a casual summer shoe with timeless appeal, Chucks are a no-brainer. As the most popular sneaker ever made, it will match pretty much everything in your wardrobe. The parchment color is a neutral off-white that complements the light fabrics and fun textures of summer fits.

Why go with the Chuck 70 over the standard model? It has a thicker vulcanized rubber mid and outsole, along with a heavier canvas upper, both of which drastically increase durability. The footbed is also upgraded with a cushy foam insert.

BreathabilitySide vents, cotton canvas upper
Works withShorts, jeans, chinos, athletic
Water resistanceCan get wet, take a long time to dry

Arizona Soft Footbed


Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed


  • Adjustable straps
  • Contoured footbed
  • Breathable cork
  • Takes a while to dry

Forget any associations you may have between Birkenstocks and granola crunchers—they’re cool, guys. These rugged stunners are comfy, and look perfectly polished in dark hardware.

You can, in fact, pull off certain sandals with an elevated look. For example, rock a pair of Arizonas with chinos and a linen button down. This look works for a casual night out with some friends or a low key date night.

BreathabilityCork footbed
Works withShorts, swim trunks, jeans, chinos, semi-formal
Water resistanceSplash, rain, wet feet

Desert Boot Beeswax


Clarks Desert Boot Beeswax


  • Easy laces
  • Strong traction
  • Stain resistant waxed leather
  • Welt is not water tight
  • Crepe sole gets very dirty

Boots might be a hard sell for summer shoes, but these are not just any boot. In fact, their origin dates back to surviving the deserts in WWII—that means they were built for carrying rough men through sizzling weather from the start.

As for the OG style, Clarks’ desert boot is also versatile enough for summer dressing, along with the rest of the year. It is the perfect companion for any jeans. Just add a floral short sleeve button down or a knit polo, and you’re good to go.

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BreathabilitySingle layer leather, open ankle
Works withJeans, chinos, semi-formal
Water resistanceRain, splash, spills

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New Balance 997R

$100 AT J CREW

  • Strong heel and arch support
  • Lots of cushioning
  • Easy to style
  • Suede panels can scuff
  • Retains sweat

Embrace the ultimate dad shoes. This old school running sneak from New Balance is now the perfect option for getting around on a daily basis. Ample heel and arch support keep your feet balanced with every step. The mesh and suede upper is flexible and breathable. With extra padding around the ankle and tongue, it’s like wrapping your feet up in a pillow.

Of all the color options available right now, the tonal blue offers the best styling range. It blends perfectly with denim, complements khaki and white, and even plays well with black.

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BreathabilityMesh panels
Works withShorts, jeans, chinos, athletic
Water resistanceRain, splashes

Winston Mule Weejuns Loafer


G. H. Bass Winston Mule Weejuns Loafer


  • Slip-on design
  • Hand stitched details
  • Full rubber outsole
  • Can slip off when you walk

G.H. Bass has been making some of the most popular loafers in America for over a century, so to mix things up a bit, the signature Weejuns were turned into a mule. Essentially, the back half of the upper was chopped off to make this fundamental loafer a slip-on. The front still has a moccasin stitch toe and a thick “beef roll” tongue, all hand stitched.

Like having a convertible roof on your car, a mule is great for letting the summer air flow over your foot. You get the same classic style with a little more comfort.

BreathabilityOpen back
Works withShorts, jeans, chinos, semi-formal, suiting
Water resistanceNone

Truro Suede Loafers


Manolo Blahnik Truro Suede Loafers


  • Hand stitched detials
  • Nappy suede texture
  • Full leather stack heel
  • Delicate material

Call it “quiet luxury” if you will, but this refined venetian loafer is the height of summer formalwear for your feet. From the subtle toe stitching to the piping around the collar, no detail was overlooked. The nappy earth tone suede works just as well with a navy blue suit as it does with white jeans with a chambray shirt.

Yes, the price tag is steep, but if you can swing it, then this summer shoe is unbeatable. It is the kind of low key flex that isn’t showing off, but if you know, you know.

BreathabilityLow profile, breathable suede upper
Works withJeans, semi-formal, suiting
Water resistanceNone

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