The 9 Best Sandals for Men, Tested by Style and Gear Experts |

The 9 Best Sandals for Men, Tested by Style and Gear Experts

NO OTHER FOOTWEAR screams “summer vibes” like the best sandals for men. And let’s set the record straight—you can wear these summer shoes without feeling awkward or out of step. Over the past 5 years, we’ve put over 50 sandals to the test and interviewed a panel of style, gear, and travel experts to get insider tips. The nine unique pairs we currently recommend for the months ahead are nothing like what your grandpa used to wear; these slidesmules, and clogs are the epitome of rugged charm meets everyday functionality.

Best Sandals for Men


What to Consider

Arch support

It helps maintain the natural alignment of your foot, providing stability and reducing the risk of strain or injury. The arch of the foot also acts as a shock absorber, supporting the body’s weight and absorbing impact during walking or standing. Without the proper support, the arch can collapse leading to discomfort, fatigue, and even conditions like plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

Look for sandals with contoured footbeds or built-in arch support. These features promote a natural arch shape and evenly distribute pressure across the foot. For men with high arches at the foot or those who spend prolonged periods on their feet, arch support is a must, not just a plus.


Opt for sandals with adjustable straps or closures to achieve a customized fit that feels secure and comfortable on your feet. These options should be less likely to slip off or cause tripping hazards while walking.

Upper Material

Look for materials that feel soft and comfortable against the skin such as leather or suede. You can even consider synthetic fabrics like nylon or mesh, which offer excellent breathability, and quick-drying properties, and are often more budget-friendly. Take into account the ease of cleaning and maintenance required for the material. Some may be more resistant to dirt and stains and easier to clean than others.


When you’re walking on slippery grounds or trailing on uneven terrains, the traction of your sandals’ outsole will make or break your steps. Keep an eye out for sandals with rubber or non-slip outsoles, as they offer excellent grip and minimize the risk of slips or falls. We also recommend a textured outsole—such as grooved or “teeth”-like since the design will really grip on any terrain condition. Flexible outsoles are also great for walking by allowing for natural foot movement.

How We Selected

To curate our list for the best sandals for men, Men’s Health’s editors and writers have personally tried on and tested a range of sandals over the past five years in different styles across a bunch of occasions. For instance, we’ve worn Teva’s strappy sandal on a hike, sported Cole Haan’s cross-strap sandal around a resort, ran errands in Merrell’s closed-toe sandal, and donned Ralph Lauren’s clog sandal during weekend outings. Then, our testing editors narrowed down the selection by evaluating these sandals based on their comfort, durability, fit and most importantly, versatility.

Arizona Soft Footbed Smooth Leather


Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Smooth Leather


  • ProA firm, supportive arch footbed that molds to your feet
  • ProOutsole has a strong grip to provide more traction and stability when walking
  • ProTimeless style meets comfortable upper that doesn’t dig into the skin
  • ProThe more you wear, the more comfortable they get
  • ConA bit pricey for a style that’s so ubiquitous

The combination of comfort, versatility in styling, and incredibly long lifespan is why Birkenstock’s popular silhouette takes the crown in our list of the best sandals for men. According to board-certified foot surgeon Brad Schaeffer, D.P.M. who has worn these Birks for years, their design plus support structure work together to offer everyday comfort. “They have a solid cork footbed and contouring for our arch and toe box. I love the overall feel and wearability of these sandals and have been wearing them since my teen years,” says Dr. Schaeffer.

What we love the most about Arizona is the comfort of the footbed. Made of cork and latex which is extra soft and supportive, not only does it mold to the feet but also offers cushioning that will make you feel like walking on sponges. We love that the straps feel easy to adjust—and don’t chafe on the skin. The EVA sole feels lightweight and flexible when we walk, but because of the overall city-friendly design and the fact that a suede upper isn’t quick-drying, we wouldn’t recommend you wearing these Birks to places in the great outdoors.

On the other hand, they’re a solid option to pack for vacation as you can wear them to the beach, dinner and around the resort. In terms of styling, Birks can go with a camp collar shirt and pleated trousers as well as a bathing suit.

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UpperAmalfi Leather

Restfeel Men's Slide


Lululemon Restfeel Men’s Slide


  • ProHelps with recovery post-workout
  • ProDual-density cushioning offers extra comfort
  • ProHeel-to-toe rubber traction
  • ProComes in a few cool colorways
  • ProSuper affordable
  • ConMay only work for poolside or around the house

The Restfeel Slide prioritizes post-workout recovery. With dual-density cushioning that blends a softer foam for comfort with a firmer foam for support, this design provides your feet relief whether it’s after a run or on rest days. Plus, the upper strap is made to cushion the top of your foot and keep your toes in place.

If you want a sandal that offers soothing comfort as you recoup from finishing a marathon or a vigorous treadmill session, this is your best bet. They’re comfy as can be with plenty of rebounding support with a clean, minimal style. Apart from wearing them around the house, we’ve slipped into these sandals on morning coffee runs and long pool days.

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Nomad Suede Crossover Sandal in Sand


Todd Snyder Nomad Suede Crossover Sandal in Sand


  • ProSand hue looks chic and goes with most vacation ensembles
  • ProDurable, smooth suede material
  • ProLightweight feel
  • ConOn the expensive side, but will last years to come

Allow these stylish sandals to whisk you away to Italy—after all, that’s the vision behind their craftsmanship. Not only does the relaxed, casual suede feel suitable for a boat ride along the coast, but the supportive foam footbed has your back for style and support. And let’s not forget, they’re super tough and durable, thanks to the stitching and edges that are practically indestructible. It only comes in three different colors, but take our word for it: the sandy hue will go with your entire resort-ready ensembles—like a Hawaiian shirt and an off-white trouser.

UpperItalian Hairy Suede

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Joseph Leather Sandal


Danner Joseph Leather Sandal


  • ProPolypropylene midsole is very supportive
  • ProPadded heel strap offers secure fit
  • ProEasy to put on and take off
  • ProThis style can go with hiking gear or casual attire
  • ConBe mindful of sunburn and sharp objects

The next time you head out for a ride in the wild, your feet will thank you for putting them in Danner’s leather sandals. We have strapped these bad boys onto our feet and were impressed by how fit they are once the strap is tweaked and tightened, like a custom-made hug. We were also impressed by how tanky they are with a sturdy, extra grippy sole that has survived us kicking rocks, trudging through muddy rails, and dipping in shallow river water in them. Really, the outsole can survive an apocalypse.

But the real star of Danner’s sandals is the comfort. We tested out the PU (polyurethane) footbed it has and were amazed by how it molds to our feet to provide support that’s borderline out of this world. We’re talking about cloud-like cushioning that will keep your underfoot and arch happy all day long in the wild. All in all, with these sandals, you shall conquer the mountain. Lastly, because style points should always be considered, we especially approve of the rugged dad style that is everyday-friendly and easy to work into your wardrobe.

OutsoleVibram® Traction Cascade

Diego Suede Thong Sandal


Vince Diego Suede Thong Sandal


  • ProThong-style design is super unique
  • ProSuede material looks chic and feels smooth
  • ProWorks with dressy resort wear
  • ConThe split-toe may rub after lots of walking

Suede sandals tend to give your outfit a little extra flair with some texture, making you stand out from the crowd. There’s no exception for Vince’s thong-style design. You can get away with wearing it for both casual and dressier occasions.

Compared to other sandals on this list, this option doesn’t have the best traction to handle rough terrain or slippery slopes. On a brighter note, it does have a slight platform for a bit of comfort, but we suggest wearing it for shorter periods rather than extended outings. Either way, you can slide this sandal on with your finest linen pants or shorts and channel your inner Theo James in White Lotus.


Speed Fusion Stretch


Merrell Speed Fusion Stretch

Now 23% Off


  • ProClose-toe silhouette protects toes from any accidents
  • ProBreathable and waterproof
  • ProMade with Lyrcra lining to reduce discomfort and prevent blisters
  • ConNot ideal if you want your feet to be more exposed

A closed-toe sandal is a great alternative that will safeguard your feet against rocks, roots and debris on the trail. Enter Merrell’s waterproof version. It’s designed with an athletic fit, breathable mesh and Lyrcra lining, which conforms to the shape of the foot and reduces friction that could lead to discomfort or blisters. The lace system has a single-pull tightening mechanism that allows you to adjust your feet with hardly any effort and get the perfect fit.

This particular silhouette may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it really shines in the great outdoors to protect our pinkies from external impact or even injuries. We found that we can rely heavily on the rubber outsole to provide ample traction and prevent potential slip and falls in the midst of wet conditions. It’s also worth noting that this sandal won’t make you look out of place if you need to make a last-minute trip to the post office or grocery store.

OutsoleVibram Ecostep Recycle

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Turbach Leather Clog Sandal


Ralph Lauren Turbach Leather Clog Sandal


  • ProProduced with long-lasting durable leather
  • ProEffortlessly cool and cozy
  • ProPerfect for frequent travelers
  • ConOnly available in black

Looking to mix things up while keeping the same level of effortless comfort? Clogs are never a bad idea. Take Ralph Lauren’s silhouette made in long-lasting, durable leather. It’s a more elegant spin on the classic Birk model with a closed-toe profile, perfect for backyard BBQs and park picnics.

What’s even more impressive is the jute-and-crepe sole, which is a unique combination of natural materials—providing flexibility, durability, excellent traction and shock absorption. In other words, it’s a great choice to wear on various surfaces for an extended period of time.

While some clogs can be an eyesore, these are anything but cringey. In fact, we like to style them with a button-down shirt and straight-leg jeans. Perhaps if you’re catching an early morning flight, they will also go with a casual travel outfit like a hoodie and sweats. You can easily slip them on and off at security checkpoints.


Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal
On Sale


Teva Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal

Now 16% Off


  • ProAll-terrain-friendly: great for everyday walking or light hiking
  • ProExcellent traction from the outsole
  • ProFootbed is enhanced to provide extra stability and arch support
  • ConStraps and webbings might dig into the skin if too tight

​​When it comes to reliable performance and enduring comfort, TEVA’s Hurricane Xlt2 rises above the rest. Thanks to the robust EVA footbed, these sandals can deliver enhanced support that will last long for city walkers and day hikers. In addition, the nylon shank plays a crucial role in stabilizing and supporting the feet—even on uneven terrain or if you’re power walking—to grant you the ability to strut in sandals. The straps or webbing are engineered for rapid drying and provide extensive adjustability, ensuring your feet remain both comfortable and secure at the same time.

What most impressed us about the Hurricane Xlt2 is its outsole which offers extraordinary traction for the price. In the past, we’ve worn these on rafting trips and made out nicely since the exceptional traction of the sole did not give off once—even on the raft’s wet surface. During a hike in a state national park where the terrain was uneven and bumpy, the grooved outsole still managed to have a solid grip on the ground to make the journey smoother. The webbings, however, will chafe on the skin if they’re too tight, so be sure to test the fit before you actually walk in these.

UpperDurabrasion Rubber™

Nantucket Cross Strap Sandals


Cole Haan Nantucket Cross Strap Sandals

Now 46% Off


  • ProMade with high-traction rubber sole
  • ProThe footbed is padded for extra comfort during every step
  • ProLeather upper adds a chic touch
  • ProNot easy to ruin
  • ConCross-strap may rub against feet after while

Whether you’re enjoying an all-inclusive resort or discovering a new tourist attraction, a vacation sandal is essential to complete your getaway wardrobe. The good news is Cole Haan has a cross-strap leather style that goes with everything including your best shorts and polo shirts. Not to mention, the more you wear this model, the better it molds to your foot.

Perfect for daytime explorations and evening outings, this sandal is well-suited for your entire itinerary. We felt confident checking out the rocky shores and rugged terrain since its footbed is comfortably padded and supported by a high-traction sole. And hey, those cross straps are not just for show—they’re positioned to make sure your feet feel supported and steady as you stroll or stand around.


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How to Choose the Best Types of Sandals for Men?

We’ve interviewed multi-board certified podiatrist Mark Mendeszoon, D.P.M. to help you figure out the different types of sandals for your intended activities.


In general, slides, not unlike the ones you wear to shower, are great for lounging or hanging at the poolside. Recovery slides are a breed of sandals to be worn after workouts or sports to help relax muscles since they generally support the arch with good cushioning, according to Dr. Mendeszoon. “These are generally recommended to be utilized for minimal walking activity,” he adds.

Outdoors/Hiking Sandals

Dr. Mendeszoon says that these often have a closed-toe design—or at least have several durable strappings or webbings if they’re open-toe, as seen in the Teva and Danner sandals featured above—to protect the ankle, in addition to a durable outsole and a molded arch footbed.

Dress Sandals

While the dress sandals are often made of higher quality materials, and the ones we’ve tested here—such as Todd Snyder and Cole Haan—all fit and feel comfortable, Dr. Mendeszoon recommends them only for warm weather offer activities that don’t require a lot of heavy walking.

best sandals for men

How We Tested the Best Sandals for Men

The best sandals for men are versatile to excel in different settings, from casual wear in the city or around the neighborhood to navigating challenging terrains. At Men’s Health, we tested sandals comprehensively as well as have spoken to a panel of experts in style, travel, and footwear (such as stylists, fashion designers, seasoned travelers, and podiatrists) to find the best sandals for men. Our testing team ventured through various environments in them—like sporting them to hike, raft, stroll by the beach, lounge by the pool, run errands, and attend casual events in summer—to see how each pair of sandals compared to each other.

Comfort Test

We meticulously evaluated the cushioning, arch support, and overall fit of each pair. We examined whether the straps or webbings cause friction against our skin, tried the fit right out of the box to see if they required breaking in or sizing up/down, and paid special attention to the footbed materials as well as the flexibility of the outsole to guarantee optimum comfort without compromising durability.

Traction Test

We rigorously examined the grip of the outsoles by wearing these sandals on a variety of terrains, anything from treacherous rocks and sandy beaches to wet, slippery pavements. We closely investigated how the sole’s lug patterns, materials, and depth worked together to offer grip on the ground before determining their traction level.

Durability Test

To see if the sandals provide solid grounding while being able to withstand extensive wear and tear, we evaluated the materials, stitching, and overall construction to feel how sturdy and balanced they are. The best sandals for men we’ve tested and selected have in fact survived exposure to abrasive surfaces as well as water immersion.

Versatility Test

More than just about style or whether this particular pair of sandals looks great with X, Y, or Z (though we certainly embraced options that are classic-looking), our versatility test is based upon performance and the activities each pair is suitable for. So we meticulously assessed whether the sandals can be worn for hiking, water sports, walking, casual everyday wear, etc. In addition, we scrutinized features—such as patented tech or specialized materials—to ensure they meet the demands of various outdoor pursuits.

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Meet the Experts

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Why Trust Us

At Men’s Health, our testing editors and writers always make sure to actually test and use the products ourselves before considering whether to include them. Therefore, rest assured that our product recommendations derive from first-hand experience, and you can read more about our testing process here.

For instance, we have a whole fashion closet in our NYC office dedicated to calling in, trying out, and selecting the best and newest menswear products. We put them on stylish, fit guys to hear their opinions and see how the items look on them before making our final decision. And as style editors, we constantly go into the fashion closet to feel a product’s materials—even put it on ourselves for a spin—to test it.

Lastly, you can trust our opinions on shopping recommendations, whether it’s the products, styling tips, or trends. Not only do we have Fashion Director Ted Stafford and Deputy Editor, Commerce Christian Gollyan, but we also have a panel of style experts—including stylists, fashion influencers, designers, etc.—whom we regularly seek shopping guides from. Therefore, our product recommendations and buying tips are all driven by professional, expert opinions.

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