The Best Pubic Hair Trimmers in 2024, Tested by Grooming Experts |

The Best Pubic Hair Trimmers in 2024, Tested by Grooming Experts

Listen, no one is going to say you must groom your pubic hair, but a little over half of all men do. Shaving, trimming or hell, even getting a manzillian, comes down to a personal decision in both the how and why. Some guys like the way it feels, some like the way it looks, and some get a confidence boost knowing that they’re well-groomed down there. Whatever your reasons for below-the-belt manscaping, the most important thing to consider before you start is what tools you’re going to use to do it.


Trimmers are a great option for pubic grooming because they offer a variety of options. Most of them, at least the ones designed for the delicate groin area, have features to help protect the skin on your penis, scrotum, and surrounding areas from nicks and cuts. They also usually have length attachments so you can choose exactly how long you want your hair (and even change it up as desired). Still, if you favor a close, hairless shave, you may want to turn to your old standbys: a razor and shaving cream.

Whatever you choose, these tools ahead are the best for the job.

Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer


Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer


  • Specifically designed for the pubic area
  • Special comb attachment protects delicate skin
  • SkinFirst blade technology helps prevent nicks and cuts
  • Won’t completely shave
  • Some reviewers say it’s hard to grip when using in the shower

When it comes to pubic hair trimming, it’s all about balancing risk versus results. When you’re trimming or shaving delicate skin below the belt, you need to be careful. and this trimmer helps minimize risk. Specifically designed for your groin area, the blades are more closely spaced to help prevent snags and the attachments help protect your skin from direct contact with the razor.

Testing Notes: This trimmer makes the case for using tools specifically designed for the area you’re grooming. We found in our testing that the SkinFirst technology featured in this device, which means that the blades are more closely placed than your traditional trimmer to help prevent skin from being caught between them, actually does make a difference when trimming your delicate nether regions. All the features packed into this trimmer make the experience of trimming your groin as easy as possible and minimize risk and the skin-protecting attachment does a great job of providing further protection between your skin and the blade.

The one thing to note about this trimmer, however, is that if you prefer a clean shave, this will not deliver it by itself. While it will trim very close, even with the attachment, it’s not going to give you a smooth, clean finish. You may want to use this trimmer to trim down the carpet first before moving in with a traditional razor. Also, if you’re hoping to trim other parts of your body like your chest, you may not find this trimmer powerful enough for thicker hair.

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Battery Life100 minutes
Weight13.12 ounces
Head TypeFoil
Blade MaterialStainless Steel

OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver


Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver


  • Can shave and trim
  • Can be used all over the body
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Does not include a carrying case
  • Blades should be switched if using it on your face

Honestly, is there something the Philips OneBlade can’t do? Since its launch, this trimmer and shaver has become an iconic grooming essential, and with good reason. It’s incredibly easy to use, hardly ever nicks or cuts skin and can shave and trim with equally good results. This version even comes with more length attachments that allow you to get your ideal manscaping results with ease.

Testing Notes: In all of our trimmer and shaver testing, no matter what kind, the Philips OneBlade stands out among the pack because it’s just so darn easy to use. Unlike your typical trimmers, the innovative head is shaped like a razor and can cut hair in both directions, making it almost fool-proof. There is also something about the razor, even when used without any attachments, that hardly ever cuts skin, even when you’re using it on your delicate areas below the belt. This model, since it’s designed for body grooming, features more attachments that the original, but you still won’t be able to leave hair super long.

It’s best for people that like a close trim or a shave. The small size and light weight make it easy to take with you wherever you go and we have no issue with the battery life, even though it’s not quite as long as some others on this list. We also appreciate that it comes with a second blade so you can easily switch them when you use this on your face (you don’t want to use the same blade on your face and body because of the possibility of cross contamination).

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Battery Life60 minutes
Weight10 ounces
Head TypeShaver
Blade MaterialStainless Steel

Lawnmower 4.0


Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0


  • SkinSafe blades designed specifically for below the belt grooming
  • Built-in light helps with groin trimming
  • Wireless charging dock
  • Easy to press on/off button while trimming
  • Designed to only cut one way

This trimmer is chock-full of cool features like a built-in light and wireless charging dock that are the sort of thing you didn’t know you needed until you have them. Specifically designed for below the belt trimming, but able to be used on other parts of the body as well, this trimmer is fairly fool-proof and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

Testing Notes: In our testing, we found a lot to love about the newest version of the Lawnmower. Compared to previous models, it seems to cut a little bit easier and more efficiently and with less snagging (though we did experience a few nicks when we went too fast). It’s surprisingly lightweight and the added features like the built-in light make the experience of groin trimming as pleasant as it can be.

We don’t recommend using it without a guard, though, as the blades can be a little harsh on bare skin, and that also means it’s not ideal for a full shave. Our one other gripe is that the way it’s designed means that it can only really cut in one direction, but once you get the hang of it, that’s really not that big of a deal.

Battery Life90 minutes
Weight8 ounces
Head TypeComb
Blade TypeCeramic

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Body Groomer


Panasonic Body Groomer

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  • Unique ergonomic design
  • V-shaped blade is effective but gentle
  • Rotary dial attachment provides a lot of trimming lengths
  • Low battery life
  • Heavy

This easy to use trimmer is packed with innovation from the unique ergonomic design of the handle to the v-shaped trimmer blades to the rotary dial length attachment that combines multiple guards into one. Not only does it shave and trim effectively, but it’s the easiest and most intuitive to use on this list.

Testing Notes: When you take it out of the box, this trimmer seems very odd, but once you hold it in your hand, the ergonomic design is so intuitive that using it felt almost like going on autopilot. Because of the wand-like design and the v-shaped blades, it’s able to trim in multiple directions, making the actual act of trimming faster and more efficient. Not to mention it’s able to squeeze into hard to reach areas to ensure you don’t miss a single hair. We love the rotary dial length attachment for most of our body, but it’s a little bulky to use on your groin.

We also found that it shaves down to stubble well, but the blade is slightly harsh on more delicate areas (as opposed to, say, your chest) which is where the skin guard attachment comes in. Unfortunately that means it doesn’t completely shave very well, but if you’re more of a trimming guy, this is one of your best bets.

Battery Life50 minutes
Weight1.65 pounds
Head TypeComb
Blade TypeStainless Steel

Intimate Pubic Hair Razor


Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Razor


  • Cartridge razors have five blades for a close shave
  • Comes with a shower hook
  • Ergonomic design is easy to grip in the shower
  • Can only be used for shaving

Much like the trimmer from this same Gillette collection, this cartridge razor is specifically designed to be used on your pubic area for a smoother, more comfortable shave. There are two lubricating strips, five blades spaced close together to help prevent nicks and a pivoting ball on the head moves along with the contours of your body and shaves hard to reach areas.

Testing Notes: We found in our testing that even if you use a trimmer on the lowest setting, very few of them actually give you the clean-shave finish you may want if you like a hairless look and feel (this is by design, to help protect delicate pubic skin). If you prefer a full shave, your best bet is to use a trimmer to trim the hair down close and then switch to a razor (with shaving cream) to finish the job. This cartridge razor has a few innovative features that make us really believe it was designed for pubic shaving. The five blades are spaced close together (like the trimmer version) to help prevent skin getting caught between them. The pivoting head works well at hugging the contours of your legs and groin.

The brand says this helps minimize the amount of times you need to shave the same area. This may be true, but we still found we needed to go back a few times to certain areas to make sure we got the results we wanted.

Battery LifeN/A
Weight3.17 ounces
Head TypeCartridge razor
Blade TypeStainless steel

 Easy Rinse Disposable Razors for Men


BIC Easy Rinse Disposable Razors for Men


  • Disposable razor ensures blades are always sharp
  • Easy to rinse while you go to avoid clogs
  • Two lubricating strips for a more comfortable shave
  • Not very sustainable
  • May need to go over the same spots multiple times

Using a disposable razor for pubic shaving is great because it minimizes the risk of cross contamination and you ensure that your blades are always sharp and ready to cut. This disposable razor has four blades with slightly more space between them to make rinsing while you go easy (and that’s an important part of pubic shaving, after all).

Testing Notes: Pros have always told us that fewer blades are ideal for pubic shaving, but we found that it’s more of a personal preference in practice. The four blades on these razors shave well but still minimize irritation and razor burn (which multi-blade razors can sometimes make worse).

Our favorite thing about these razors though is how they really are easier to rinse. Pubic shaving requires frequent rinsing – the coarser, curlier hairs get stuck between the blades easily- so being able to rinse quickly and often is ideal. Even rinsing every 2-3 strokes was easy with these and prevented pesky clogs from slowing us down.

Battery LifeN/A
Weight4.87 ounces
Head Type4-blade razor head
Blade TypeStainless steel

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How to Trim Your Pubic Hair

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1. First and foremost, make sure you have ample time and are not rushed. This is not something you want to speed through!

2. Position yourself in front of a mirror with good lighting to make sure you have good visibility for all the crevices.

3. Get out your trimmer and choose your length. If you’re going to continue on to fully shave your pubic hair, choose a length that is long enough to shave but not too long (think a couple of days of stubble). If you’re just trimming, start with a longer length than you think you’ll ultimately want. You can always cut it shorter.

4. Apply baby powder on your pubic area while it’s dry to help soak up extra moisture and plump up the hairs.

5. Using short, gentle strokes, use the trimmer to cut the hair. Pubic hair grows in a variety of directions so you’ll want to go slow and possibly go over the same areas a few times. For your scrotum and shaft, go extra slow and stretch the skin to flatten it and make it easier to trim. If you’re trimming your butt, crack and perineum, you may want to place a hand mirror on the floor to help see where you’re trimming. You can also place one leg on a tub or toilet to make the area easier to see.

6. If you’re happy with the trim job, then you’re done! Hop in the shower to wash off.

7. If you’re going to shave completely, once you’re out of the shower, apply a pre-shave oil and shaving cream to the areas you’re going to shave. The key here is to not be stingy with the cream.

8. When you’re taking a razor to your nether regions, you’ll want to be extra careful. Shave with the grain of the hair in short, slow strokes. Do not, we repeat, do not rush. You’ll want to use the same stretching technique on your scrotum and shaft as you did while trimming and the mirror is ideal if you’re taking the razor around back.

9. Make sure to rinse the razor frequently to avoid clogs and re-apply shaving cream as needed.

10. Once you’re done, hop back in the shower to rinse everything away.

11. Apply a moisturizer or body oil to the area to help keep it protected. You may also want to apply a moisturizer or anti-chafe product regularly (like at least once a day) to help cut down on friction which can cause irritation on shaved skin, especially below the belt.

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Why Does Pubic Hair Grow So Quickly?

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Maybe you’re a regular manscaper, or perhaps you just took the plunge into trimming out your nether regions. Regardless, it seems like one truth holds true: As soon as you take off the hair, it blooms right back again.

Sure, it might seem that your pubic hair is on a steroid-fueled regrowth. But that’s actually something of an optic illusion, says Alexes Hazen, M.D., a reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeon at NYU Langone Health.

“People who trim or shave their pubic hair often think it grows faster than the rest of their hair, specifically the hair on their head, but this is not the case,” she says. “We simply notice hair growth most, and the speed of that growth, the shorter the hair.”

With pubic hair—and other body hair—the entire process takes about 30 to 44 days, Dr. Hazen says. That means the same pubes that started to grow will shed in about a month to a month and a half.

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